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Truth about dental implants

Lots of patients visit to tooth care dental clinic with the complaint of missing tooth. Today in this article our best dentist in panchkula will explain you, what are the options for replacement of missing tooth and all the details about Implant.

Implant is the best replacement option for missing tooth , this topic will also be discussed in this article.


Do you lost your tooth during an accident or due to age related changes or because of cavity and want a replacement for the same???Here at Tooth Care Dental Clinic we provide you the best treatment possible for your missing tooth.

In recent times, we all must have heard about dental implants and as well as many misconceptions about them. So first of all you should be knowing what is a dental implant and how it works.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root which replaces missing tooth. It is made up of titanium material which is basically an inert material that does not have any side effects on human body. But even after so many advancements, many people have lots of doubts and misconceptions about dental implants.

In this article our best implantologist will clear all these doubts and will lighten up the truth about dental implants.

First thing first. “Are dental implants painful? Do they put you to sleep for dental implants?

The answer is “No”. Our doctors will give you local  anesthesia first to numb your teeth and gums same as in tooth extraction or at the time if RCT. You will be awake but you will not feel any kind of pain or discomfort.

There are also few speculations about success of dental implant treatment and the truth is dental implant surgery is extremely successful procedure with 98% of success rate. The only big contraindication for  placement of dental implants is – if patient is chronic smoker or if he or she is having uncontrolled diabetes.

        Most frequently asked question to Dr Sudha is “Am i too old to get dental implants? And the answer is “there is no age limit, No age is too old to get dental implants”. There is myth that implant candidate need perfect teeth. But the fact is a healthy person can get them at any age to improve quality of their life. We just need good jaw bone to support implant and healthy gums.

Even if you do not have adequate bone support. Here at Tooth Care Dental Clinic we can place implants using bone grafts also.Some people also think “I am diabetic, I can not go for dental implants”.But it’s just a misconception, nothing else. The only requirement for doing a implant surgery in diabetic patient is that we need their blood sugar levels under control. Many people don’t choose this treatment because they are not clear about certain facts. There are only few medical conditions which dont make a person a good candidate for dental implants and these are -If a patient is on long term steroid therapy which lowers his/her immunity or you have any kind of bone disorders or bleeding disorders or any uncontrolled systemic disease.

Our top dentists will clear all these doubts of yours and will provide you the most comfortable working enviorment to reduce your anxiety.One of the myths about dental implants is that they get stained over time and they feel unreal or uncomfortable. But the fact is dental implants are stain resistant and feel just like your natural teeth provide even more strength as compared to your natural teeth.We hope our best dentist in Panchkula, will help you in guiding the best option available for you.

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