Indian GM Diet Plan

Lose Weight Fast: Indian GM Diet Plan for Rapid Results

The Indian GM diet plan offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. It’s important to consider safety and potential side effects. While some believe in its benefits, scientific evidence varies. Alternatives like Ayurvedic detoxification or intermittent fasting may suit individuals better for healthy weight loss in India.

The GM Diet or General Motors diet originated from the General Motors Corporation in 1985. The corporation wanted to instill a healthy diet into the employees. The plan is to be followed for 7 days, which will result in a weight loss of 4-5kg per participant. It was formulated with the help of the Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Agriculture of the United States. The diet became very popular due to the visible results in 7 days. 

1. What Are The Perceptions Of The Diet For Indians?

Dr Priyanka Marakini from Healthify shared her thoughts about the Indian GM diet plan. She worries that the diet does not have a balance in nutrition. Those who follow the diet will see visible results but may suffer long-term effects. There is also a chance that they will gain back the weight or extra weight after getting back to their normal diet. 

Some guidelines that health experts would like for us to follow before trying the Indian GM diet plan are:

  • They do not recommend continuously being on this diet as it can have adverse effects on your immunity and make your muscles, and bones weak.
  • Follow it with the knowledge that it can affect your metabolism
  • Do not self-prescribe it
  • Consult a doctor, or go for an online consultation before following the Indian GM diet plan.

2. So How What Does The Diet Look Like For Indians?

The Indian GM diet plan, also known as the General Motors diet plan, is a popular 7-day diet aimed at rapid weight loss. It promises a loss of up to 10 kg in a week. While some praise its effectiveness, critics highlight its limitations and potential long-term effects.

Indian GM Diet Plan
  • DAY 1-Fruits
  • DAY 2-Vegetables
  • DAY 3-Fruits and vegetables
  • DAY 4– Bananas and Milk
  • DAY 5-Meat
  • DAY 6-Meat and Vegetables
  • DAY 7-Rice, fruit, and vegetables

3. Things To Avoid While Following The Indian GM Diet Plan.

  • High-intensity workouts, participants can practise low-intensity workouts like yoga
  • No sugar
  • No alcohol or soda 
  • No package foods
  • No beans 
  • Fruit juices are allowed only on day 7

4. Let Us Talk About The Pros And Cons Of Following The Indian GM Diet Plan.

The advantage of the Indian GM diet plan is that the consumption of fruits and vegetables is high. Fruits and vegetables have high fiber and lower calories reducing the accumulation of fat while making the participant feel full. The natural detox helps in bringing a glow to the skin and the body is also kept hydrated. It improves digestion because of the fibres, The only sugar in the diet is fructose which helps people avoid junk and sugary foods. 

The disadvantage of the Indian GM diet plan is that there is no scientific evidence to back up the claims. The diet is not a long-term solution to weight loss. The diet does not allow the consumption of several vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body. It can cause fatigue, lethargy, and tiredness among participants. There is also a chance that participants can gain back the weight or extra weight after falling back into their normal diet. 

If you would like to find an in-depth GM diet plan for Indians and know in detail about the effects of the diet, then you can visit the Indian GM diet plan: All you need to know. The only way to know if it is suitable for you or not is to visit a dietician. The pandemic has shifted everything to digital so you can go for an online consultation. mFine also provides services of online consultation.


In essence, the Indian GM diet plan prescribes a low-calorie, one-week plan focused on specific food groups each day. While some might experience weight loss, its restrictive nature and lack of balanced nutrition raise concerns. Consulting a healthcare professional before attempting such a plan is crucial.

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