32Watts Clear Invisible Braces: What to Expect Pre and After Treatment

Compared to traditional metallic and ceramic braces, clear aligners are way more popular due to their superior aesthetics. Aligners are clear, transparent plastic trays that are custom-made for each patient. When worn, these trays apply constant pressure on your teeth to move them into proper alignment.

Many patients have queries such as “With 32Watts clear invisible braces, what to expect pre- and after treatment?” Well, before we understand the pre- and post-treatment scenario, here are 5 benefits of 32Watts aligners!

Benefits of 32Watts Clear Aligners

There is more than one reason for you to pick clear aligners from 32Watts instead of traditional braces to get your teeth aligned. Some of the benefits of clear aligners are:

  1. Wire and bracket-free options, clear aligners are the most comfortable way to get your teeth aligned as they are made from smooth, biocompatible plastic.
  2. Flaunt your smile throughout your treatment as clear aligners are invisible even from close distances.
  3. Since clear aligners are removable, they allow brushing, flossing and maintaining oral hygiene more easily than with traditional braces.
  4. Clear aligners are tailor-made for your teeth.
  5. Since you need to remove your aligners while eating, there are no food restrictions with clear aligners.
  6. 32Watts Clear aligners are affordable and their treatment cost is comparable to metallic and ceramic braces.

Clear Invisible Braces: What to Expect Pre and After Treatment

Now that you know why you should opt for clear aligners, here is what you can expect with 32Watts aligners before and after treatment.


If you have crooked or crowded teeth and wish to straighten them, contact 32Watts aligners right away. Before we begin your treatment using our aligners, here is what happens:

  • Consultation and evaluation

The first step to getting a beautiful, well-aligned smile is a consultation with your orthodontist. Your orthodontist will take proper medical and dental history and perform a thorough clinical evaluation to check your teeth alignment, your bite, jaw, smile line, facial structure, etc.

The orthodontist will then explain their findings and advise you to get a few x-rays. They will now evaluate the clinical findings and the x-ray findings to determine what kind of braces you must get and whether you are a candidate for 32Watts clear aligners.

  • Recording Taking

The next step involves record making. Your orthodontist will take pre-treatment impressions(measurements) of your upper and lower teeth, take profile and intraoral pictures and an intraoral scan using a 3D scanning device.

  • Smile Simulation

While the photographs and impressions are used for record purposes, the 3D scan is sent to the 32Watts lab based in Delhi. Here, the in-house team of expert orthodontists use advanced software to determine the treatment plan. The software allows one to visualise the step by step progress of the treatment. This smile simulation is then shown to you for your approval.

At this stage, your orthodontist can address any concerns that you may have about your treatment plan. Once you and your orthodontist approve of the smile simulation and treatment plan, the lab is instructed to fabricate your aligner trays.

  • Arrival of your trays

In less than five days after your impressions, your first set of 32Watts aligner trays will arrive. These trays are called zero-degree aligners. These Invisible Clear Aligners help you get used to the aligner trays before your first set of functioning trays.


  • A beautiful, well-aligned smile

What every clear aligner patient wishes for is a beautiful, well-aligned smile. And this is exactly what every 32Watts aligner patient gets after their treatment completion. A well-aligned smile is also a healthy smile that allows you to brush and floss all teeth effortlessly.

  • Measurement for retainer and delivery

Once the treatment is completed, the next step is to take measurements for the fabrication of your retainers. Retainers are similar to aligners but their purpose is to hold the teeth in their newly moved positions. You may need to wear your retainers for a year, few years and sometimes all your life.

  • Routine follow-up appointments

Once your retainers have been delivered to you, your braces treatment with 32Watts aligners is now complete. However, you must visit your orthodontist after one, three, and six months of your treatment completion.

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