Why Mr. Beast Will Be The First YouTube Billionaire

Winning people’s heart is what this YouTube sensation is doing the best. Jimmy Donaldson, also known as Mr. Beast online. He is an American philanthropist, entrepreneur and youtuber. He is known for making expensive videos, which makes him one of the most viewed Youtuber in 2019 with 27 million subscribers. The most amazing fact is he has achieved heights of success at an age of 21 only.

Born on May 7, 1998 in eastern North Carolina of Greenville, Jimmy Donaldson is a college drop out. The reason behind this is he decided to persue his career as a YouTuber. He reached 1 million subscribers by November 2017.

Learning about Mr. Beast and his motives makes it possible to be the billionaire soon.  There are various factors because of which he will be a billionaire soon. Take a look on them.

The content he creates is so unique that it makes the USP (Unique Selling Point) of his videos. No wonder anybody can replicate the idea of the content. But his content involves so much uniqueness, cost and time which makes it difficult to be copied by any other content creator. Not everyone can take this risk to make a video which involves so much of the cost.

Imitation of his content is highly complicated. Thus, the competition from other content creator levels down to zero.

  • Personal savings

Mr. Beast not only spends money from sponsoring the brand, views of his videos or from selling the merchandise. But he produces the videos using his personal savings too. His videos are expensive so he requires lump sums of money to create them.

He once said, he wants to have a zero bank balance when he dies. This reflects he is not at all materialistic in nature. Money is not the reason of choosing to be a YouTube content creator.

  • Gaming Apps

He created the game Finger on the App, for giving away the money prize. To play this game one has to be the last one hold the finger on the screen. This game takes days to end but to win the cash prize, people are playing this game day and night. Not only the winner gets prize in this game but the last four players also get some prize.

  • Trust

His fans have so much of trust on him. What he says, believes, uses and suggests, they are all ready to accept it with their eyes closed. Trust is one such thing which connects the viewers to the content of the creator. Having a trust on the creator not only makes a connection but also attracts the fans. It gives more satisfaction to both the content creator and the content viewer. No wonder Mr. Beast has this connection with his fans, which will make him attract more viewers.

  • Future Plans

His future plans are way bigger than what he is doing presently. He wants to build other channels likewise his gaming channel and main channel. He also has opened his own virtual fast food restaurant chain named as Beast Burger with simple and delicious menu. The main objective of Mr. Beast behind numerous channels is to influence the opening of homeless shelters and food banks. This plan of his shows he wants to work for the social cause as much as he can.

His purpose driven approach motivates him to improvise his content to a whole new level. All he wants to do is make world a better place by working on the social causes. This in turn attracts more viewers to his content as they know the motive behind his challenges and content.

The minute he uploads the videos, it becomes the talk of the world. Views over his videos come like swamps of bees coming to the flower. With all the hype and insights, it becomes evident that he can be the first YouTube billionaire in the coming years. Till we get this news, let’s watch some of his videos to work upon a social cause

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