Why Is Web Development Important?

Why Is Web Development Important?

Web development in simpler terms is the work that is put in the building of a website, these websites are developed by web developers who do all the setting and coding till a web page is set and ready for use. A website can vary from simple web pages to very complex web pages. web development Sydney entails all the tasks taken in developing a website and these are; server side scripting, clients side scripting, server, and network configuration, security configuration, and content management systems.

Basic terms to know in web development

There are various keywords used in website development that every client looking for this service of web development should be well conversant with, these names are terms like.

  • Web page
  •  Hyperlinks
  • Search engine
  • Ip address 
  •  Domain
  • Website hosting

All these are the key terms you will hear being mentioned as your website is being developed.

Web page: this is an electronic page in a website that is developed and configured with the content as the client’s objectives and specifications.

 Website hyperlinks:  a hyperlink is actually a link that is bold and it directs you to a keyword. The hyperlinked word is usually in bold so when you move your cursor on top it directs you to another page that has more information on what you are searching for on a website

Search engine: a locator looking for a certain web page uses the keywords and phrases on the internet tool which then directs the user to the page they are looking for. Search engines are examples like Google, Mozilla, Yahoo, and bingo.

IP address:  this is an address that identifies every device with the location it serving at, every location has a specific numerical address that every device around that location assumes.

Domain: in simpler terms, this is the identification of your property on the internet, for a website every one of them has its special domain name which is different from all the others. A client owning a website is the sole rightful owner of the domain name of the website and no one else can claim it. Your domain is the address other people will use to visit your web page using a uniform resource locator ( URL) which carries the domain name.

Web hosting:  This is done by a hosting provider who enables the details coded in the web pages to be visible to clients when they visit your page through the domain name, a web provider gives you the services of making the website accessible to everyone looking for your page on the internet, this hosting is purchased after the registration of a domain. Both the domain and the hosting are paid for but they are different, for a domain it is usually purchased annually while for web hosting one can pay for it at different intervals that is, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

How are websites created?

Many web developers find it fun in developing websites; there is fun creating or developing something and running it on the internet and seeing all the feeds go live. As a web developer, you need to decide on what type o website you are going to design for your client, you can use the various  types such as the ; 

content management system ( CMS), allows a web developer to create, upload, edit the content that is displayed on the website this is most efficient with blog websites. This kind of website does not really need the knowledge of coding.

Text editor: text editor is used by web developers who have great knowledge in coding, it is a program that allows designers to key in their codes to come up with a web site, the web developers use different languages that are well understood by the software they use, some of this languages are; HTML, HTTP, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PYTHON, RUBY among many others, text editor websites are more preferred by many developers because they are more efficient and they don’t buffer a lot.  There are several text editors that various web developers use and these are;

  • Sublime:  This is very simple to use  for it is simple and fast to use many beginners  love to start with it as they advance in the field of web development
  • Notepad++:  This is for windows users only, it is simple to use and has some very cool features which the web developers can play with to create some amazing features. It is clean and friendly to use it has a feature called syntax highlighting and syntax folding  and auto-completion features which web designers  find fun to use
  • Atom: This is compatible with all selections of browsers and it is available for apple mac books, windows users, and Linux. It has great features like line numbering, multiple panes, auto-completion and it can support many files at once.
  • Brackets: This was created by adobe it is light and it is very powerful with very great features,  its editing and color coding skills are what make it unique it gives a very polished end product that is efficient and works with great speed.

Types of web development

There are various types of web developers and this is;

  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Full-stack development
  • Website development
  • Desktop development
  • Mobile development
  • Game development
  • Embedded development
  • Security development.

Front-end development

This developer’s work on the user interface side of the websites software’s and programs, this is the main face of a website and it consists of the following aspects;

  • The layout of the website
  •  Visuals
  • Navigation panel
  • Graphics of the web page

Back-end development

This entails what the users don’t see when they open a website, this is simply the behind scenes of a website, the developers here work on the servers, programs, and the software running the website. The developer ensures the security codes are running properly and the database for the website is well set as well as the operating system.

Full-stack developments

This works on both the front and back-end sides of a web page, it consists of different technologies inform of a stack that run different functions on a website.

Website developments

This entails the actual development of a website from its initial stage to the end product that is ready to go live for the users. This comprises the front, back- end sides of the website and as well the stack development.

In conclusion, website development has led to the growth of many businesses due to creation of websites which act as catalogs for most business where client from all over the world can visit and contact businesses directly.

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