Why Are End of Lease Flea Treatments Mandated by Your Real Estate Property Manager?

An end of lease Flea treatment Sydney service is pretty important for both real estate tenants and householders. Nowadays, the real estate industry has mandated that you cannot terminate the lease of your property until a flea service is done. Moreover, it might be a part of the terms of your tenancy agreement with your property manager. 

About Fleas

There are several types of fleas troubling n Australian homes. The most common among them is the one you often find on cats and dogs. These pests are usually 1-4 mm. in length and brownish. Fleas can travel through your pet’s fur at ease and can jump up to 6 inches from one host to another. Therefore, it might be a bit overwhelming to detect their presence. If your pet has fleas in its body, you can observe signs of distress and irritation. Their skin might have scratching and biting marks. 

Fleas feed on their host’s blood and lay their eggs there. The eggs typically hatch in 10-12 days, and their lifecycle continues through four stages. Female fleas are capable of laying 50 eggs per day, and the larvae grow up rapidly. A professional flea treatment is necessary for every property to get rid of flea eggs.

The physical and psychological impact of fleas on humans

Humans are known as the second option when the matter comes to flea bites as they are not a good host for them. However, flea bites can develop some distinguished symptoms and complications in people. 

Psychological symptoms

Fleas do not carry diseases in general, but their bite can cause allergic reactions in adult men and children. This reaction includes itching and swelling. Besides, the skin of the bitten place might become irritated and painful with rashes. Secondary infections are pretty common in these cases. 

Physical complications

Although fleabites do not cause any serious issues, it is advisable to take medical attention immediately if you notice any of the following complications. 

  • Respiratory distress. 
  • Nausea.
  • Swollen lips or face. 
  • Swollen glands.
  • Diseases like typhus, flea-borne spotted fever, etc. 

Why is flea control treatment important for property managers?

Flea infestation is one of the burning problems that property managers have been facing over the last few years. To keep the property in efficient condition, property managers have to perform several activities frequently. 

Just think, how will it feel when you wake up with multiple fleabites? Similarly, if tenants somehow find that a large colony of fleas still exists in the property, they might back off. The pest issue will reduce the value of a specific property, no matter how good the structural, plumbing, and landscaping facilities it has. 

However, a regular flea control treatment can reduce the number of dropped projects while ensuring satisfied tenants and better deals. 

When should you get an end-of-lease flea treatment?

If you are a landlord, the best time to perform an end-of-lease flea treatment is during the cleaning program. This is when the previous tenant leaves the property before the end of the lease. 

Imagine what might happen if the next tenant enters a flea-infested property and sleeps there without having any idea? So, if you are a tenant and you have a pet, it’s your responsibility to perform the flea treatment end of lease before you leave, according to the tenancy agreement in Australia. After that, your landlord will get a condition report mentioning pest control there once you move out. 

How to prevent flea infestation in the home?

To get rid of fleas, you must treat your pets and home environment carefully at the same time. Adhere to these guidelines and start eliminating fleas from your home. 

  • Fleas look for cracks and other tight areas to hide or lay eggs. Hence, it would be recommended to use powerful vacuums on the floors and carpets. This would wipe out the larvae, cocoons, and eggs of fleas without coming in contact with them. 
  • You can make use of a steam cleaner for carpets, mattresses, and pet beds. The combination of high heat and soap can kill the flea larvae and cocoons efficiently. 
  • Wash all the bedding of your house, including the pet’s bedding in hot water regularly. After that, dry those beddings at the highest heat possible. If severe flea infestation persists there, make sure to discard them. 

Should you hire a professional pest control company?

Hiring one of the established pest control Sydney companies for end of lease flea treatment would be highly recommended. As a property manager, you can leverage your revenue while keeping the properties in good condition. Over time, this would also lower the management and operational costs. Get in touch with an established pest controller around for the best results.

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