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What Kinds Of Tyres Electric Scooters Have? Difference Between Them

The tyres are one of the most significant aspects of a scooter, and we suggest that you understand the distinctions between an air wheel and a solid wheel before deciding which one is right for you. It is not that one is superior to the other; instead, it is a matter of personal preference, travel routes, and how you want to utilize your scooter. Best tranny tubes

To begin examining the distinctions between different types of tyres, first, you must understand their definitions. Let’s start. 

Different Types Of Tyres Of Electric Scooters

Electric scooters have three different types of tyres: Air, solid, or honeycomb tyres.

The tire has its own set of pros and disadvantages, and each is designed for a unique sort of rider. Let’s have a look at each of these designs right now. 

Air Tyres: 

Tubed and tubeless tyres are both available in this category. Tubeless tyres don’t hold a ballon rubber inside the tyres, which is the significant distinction between them.

Solid Tyres:

Internally, solid rubber rings dispersed around the rim support the tyre casing, allowing for limited flexing of the shock-absorbing material.


Some military vehicles have semi-solid, airless rubber tires with holes.

Difference Between Three Types Of Tyres

Air-Filled Tyres

Air-filled tyres are known as pneumatic tyres. If a tire has a valve stem someplace, you’ll know it’s pneumatic. They can either have inner tubes within the tires or be tubeless. In any case, the tire is inflated, and you ride on a mattress of air.

The firm rubber on the outside of the inner tube tires protects the tube, and something has to rupture the outer tire and the inner tube on this type of pneumatic tire to cause a flat. The plus point is that it’s relatively simple to repair if one of these gets punctured.

Only the outer tire of tubeless pneumatic tires is meaty. This pneumatic tire is airtight against the rim and is found in automobiles. They’re more durable, less likely to wear out, and more difficult to puncture. As a result, it’ll be more challenging to repair if a flat occurs.

The ability of pneumatic tires to ride across difficult plat is one of their major selling points.


  • Improved road traction
  • Improved shock absorption
  • There isn’t a lot of opposition.
  • It’s simple to find


  • Maintaining tire pressure is a must.
  • Flats are a problem for them.

Some Joyor models have air wheels-

  • Joyor G5
  • Joyor S5
  • Joyor X1
  • Joyor Y10

Solid Tyres

Solid Tyres are also known as airless tyres. They could be made entirely of hard rubber or have a rubber exterior with a foamy interior.

Solid tires are significantly heavier than the other options for your electric scooter because they aren’t packed with air or hollow. It results in the benefits and drawbacks of solid tires: they can’t go flat, but they have a rough and weightier ride.

When it comes to off-roading, there’s a catch-22. You can ride stress-free because they can’t be smooth, but you’ll have a more uncomfortable ride. Because of physics, they can’t soak up rough terrain like a pneumatic tire can.


  • It’s impossible to find a flat.
  • It doesn’t enforce a lot of upkeep.


  • Bumpier ride with a lot more weight
  • There isn’t as much traction as there used to be.

Some Joyor models have solid wheels-

  • Joyor A3
  • Joyor A5
  • Joyor GS9
  • Joyor GS5


The honeycomb tire is the final type of tire, and it is a less common design that resembles a cross between a pneumatic and a solid tire. They gave an engineer a reliable tyre and allowed him to have a smoother ride. 

The solid rubber eliminates the necessity of air, yet the air pockets permit the tyre to turn and wrest. Because this type of tire is still relatively new, we can hope for significant advancements in the future years.

Some (less expensive) honeycomb tyre options merely look to have holes drilled through the tyre’s length. A honeycomb is an optimal design for this tyre from an engineering standpoint, but you may use any old-hole shape in reality.

The honeycomb tyre takes both the solid and pneumatic tyre’s virtues and limitations. They are tougher to drill and provide more protection, but they are more weighty and expensive than pneumatic tyres. 

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  • Flats are not a problem for this plant.
  • More cushion than a solid tire when it comes to resiliency.


  • A higher price
  • Unpolished design 
  • There is no way to alter the tyre.

Final Words

So, choose one type of tyre suitable for you according to your needs. A pneumatic tyre is ideal for the best experience ride, and solid tyres are best for a reliable tyre and choppy ride. When you can’t decide between the two and are willing to pay a bit more, go with the honeycomb.

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