What is UPBOCW and How to Register on UPLMIS?

The government of Uttar Pradesh has launched its own Shramik App which is also called UPBOCW official app for laborers. The main purpose of this initiative is to provide financial assistance to labor workers in the state of UP. Using the app, UP laborers can also apply for various schemes launched by the Labour Department of the State.

Renewing your UPBOCW membership is easy with www.upbocw.in. Check renewal status online and explore the UPBOCW list. Register at Upbocw.in for benefits under the Construction Workers Welfare Board. Learn about labor laws in Uttar Pradesh and the Building and Other Construction Workers Act. Ensure social security for unorganized sector workers through UPBOCW Yojana and Anshdan. Utilize UPBOCW CSC login for a seamless experience.

Here is Detailed Information About UPBOCW

The official name of the department is The Building and Other Construction Workers, Labour Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh. The website can be reached at UPBOCW.in whereas another website is called uplmis. On that page, there is an option called Shramik registration where one can register as a worker.

Visit www.upbocw.in to check the status and renewal of your labor card. Log in to Upbocw.in for access to the Upbocw list and renewal services. To enhance UPBOCW and improve migrant workers’ conditions, it’s crucial to streamline the Worker’s Compensation Claim process. This connection ensures fair treatment, safeguarding labor rights with effective mechanisms and policies.

Explore the UPBOCW CSC login for convenient registration. Ensure worker rights with UPBOCW Anshdan. Stay informed about Health and Safety Regulations for Construction Workers through UPBOCW. Register at www.upbocw.in for Uttar Pradesh Labor Department’s welfare schemes.

How can workers register on the UPBOCW website?

To register on the UPBOCW website, workers are required to follow these steps –

In today’s digital era, businesses are embracing the flexibility of hiring remote workers through UPBOCW. This innovative approach not only enhances productivity but also fosters a dynamic work environment. Embracing technology, UPBOCW, and hiring remote workers share the common goal of optimizing operations. Both prioritize efficiency, making them ideal partners in the evolving landscape of the professional world.

  • ‎Open the home page of up Labour Department website, i.e. Upbocw.in. ‎
  • Now, front there, you have to ‎go to the Labour option. ‎
  • ‎Click on the link that’s called – Labour Registration. ‎
  • Once you click, it will open the official Uplmis.in the website. ‎
  • Visit the sub-labour registration form you find there. ‎
  • ‎Enter the worker’s Aadhaar card number. ‎
  • ‎Choose the name of the district for registration. ‎
  • ‎Register the mobile number and enter the OTP. ‎
  • ‎Then submit the Labour registration form. ‎
  • ‎Your deputy Labour Department will get labor registration. 

Sant Ravidas Shiksha Sahayata Yojana‎

Recently, the department launched a scheme called Sant Ravidas Shiksha Sahayata Yojana on the official website of UPBOCW. In this scheme, one can get up to Rs.12000 per year if eligible. For that, you have to register on the UP Worker registration portal.

Hey there! Need info on labor cards? You can download and apply online. Check your status anytime. Punjab peeps, track BOCW status easily. Also, Skill Development for Construction Workers is crucial. Stay updated on Construction Industry Regulations. Don’t forget the UP Labor Welfare Fund and UP BOCW Cess. Cheers!

Under this scheme, children of workers registered under the UPBOCW eligibility conditions shall get a scholarship of up to Rs.12000.

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