What do you know about Steven Assanti

Steven Assanti is famously associated with the TLC show ‘My 600lb Life” with his brother Justin Assanti. He is a married man now.  We all know that he appeared for the show on the TLC My 600lb Life in season 5, viewers didn’t like the show and Steven Assanti gathered lots of anger. On the show, he was weighing 734 lb and the surgeon took over him obviously for medical reasons. However, unlike the exceptions, where the stature of a man like him should have cooperated with the doctor, but that wasn’t the case with him, as he cheated on his diets and was throwing tantrums every now and then. Later, as the episodes ended, he was taken to the rehabilitation center after a sleeve surgery was performed on him. 

Something about Steven Assanti

After ending of the show, the Assanti brothers were no more associated with each other. Usually, a reaction from Steven was awaited, but he was unavailable on various social media platforms. While his brother Justin Assanti was very much present on social media and started to lose more 200 lb weight. Later on, there was the news, about Steven getting married to a lady namely Stephanie Sanger who was a licensed massage therapist from Iowa in 2018. 

Who is Steven Assanti’s wife – Stephanie Sanger?

Stephanie Sanger who was a forty two year mother of a teenage daughter was born and raised in Iowa. After her graduation, she has started to work as a licensed massage therapist. The couple secretly tied the knot in 2018. Steven is living with Stephanie and her daughter.

What do you know about Stephen Assanti?

Steven’s brother isn’t in any contact with him. However, his father is in touch. Before, getting married, Stephanie dated for a while and soon took the decision of marrying her. The wedding ceremony was very secret and confidential and was only attended by bride and groom.

Initially, Steven’s family was showing reluctance for him getting married to her, but with time relented and his father eventually gave green signal to the relations. Quite like her husband, Stephanie also opted to be out of limelight. However, one can find several of their photos while browsing through Facebook. 

How the union of Steven and Stephanie did come into existence?

Stephanie first looked at Steven on a show and it took her little time to announce to the media that she is actually in love with him. She went on to say, that she has already found a soul mate in him. Stephanie Sanger said that both of them started to chat through social media and soon through an online video chat, where they developed an instant connection. As the show ended, there was an announcement from his father that Steven is moving to Iowa to be with his girl friend. Although, as per the version coming from the father, he thought that the relationship wasn’t going to work out, but that wasn’t the case, as the couple got married soon. 

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