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Using A Drill Press to Complete An 80% Lower Receiver

A drill press is a versatile tool for woodworking and metalworking projects. Ingco offers quality drill press machines at competitive prices. Before using, learn drill press safety and follow rules diligently. Explore different types, including benchtop and floor models, and understand drill press parts and accessories. With proper care, a drill press can enhance your DIY projects significantly.

Looking to upgrade your DIY projects? Consider a drill press machine. Whether it’s metal or plastic, a drill press offers precision drilling. Explore options like a drill press stand or table for added convenience. Check out reviews and buying guides to find the best drill press for your needs.

Custom Gunsmithing: Crafting Your Firearms

Deciding to start creating your guns is pretty big.  It is a very satisfying pursuit and you end up with a gun that you can truly say you made.  It is customization taken to the limit. In most cases, customization means selecting the parts that you want to be fitted to your AR, ordering them from a reputable dealer, and fitting them when they arrive at your door. 

In some cases, you might need a special tool to be able to fit them, but such is the power of the AR design, that many simply slot into place. The drill press is a versatile tool used for drilling precise holes, while coiled tubing is a flexible conduit for various oil and gas operations.

However, some parts a significantly more complex, and top of the list is the 80% lower receiver.   So, because it is effectively a blank that has only been 80% completed, you, as the user, get to finish off the remaining 20% in the way that suits your particular build.  The 80% Lower is hands-on gun building.

Drill Press for Completing an 80% Lower

The 80% lower is available from many sources so getting one isn’t difficult. But completing an 80% lower with any degree of accuracy is a bit trickier.  If you tried to mark out the locations of the holes and slots that you need to introduce by hand, you are highly unlikely to get them in the right place, and that could mean that your new lower is scrap.  If you want to introduce these essential features to your 80% lower, you are going to need the accuracy of a jig and drill press.

Drill Press

Luckily, there are plenty of jigs on the market, and they are usually of good enough quality to ensure that you get your holes and slots in the right place and that your AR works as intended.  Make sure that you pay for a quality item as it will last, and you will want to use this again and again.

So, you have your 80% lower, and you have your jig.  The last essential part of the equation for getting everything right is a good drill press. While a jig will go a long way to getting your holes and slots in the right place, there is still the potential for the features to go in slightly skewed, and that is going to ruin your lower before you get a chance to use it.

Importance of a Drill Press for Precision Hole Placement

A drill press is essentially a powerful drill that is sufficiently rigid to ensure that when the drill or milling tip is used, it won’t deviate from the path and your resulting holes and slots will be perpendicular to the face that they are being placed in. Get these wrong, and at best, your AR will work badly, at worst it won’t work at all..!  Therefore, a good drill press is going to be your best friend when it comes to getting hole positions right.

Key to the drill press’ function is the fact that it is a pillar drill that is enormously rigid, so even small bits won’t be forced off their path.  A drill press is designed for milling operations too. A drill has its high-quality chuck mounted via a tapered arbor that connects the chuck to the quill and allows the system to take large side loads with ease, so a drill is just as comfortable being used with milling tools – which exert a sideways force on the tool – so you can place slots as required just as easily as holes.

Building ARs can become addictive, and you will find that you don’t want to stop at one.  In that case, you are going to want great tools that will stand the test of time, so invest in a good jig and drill press. A drill is a versatile tool for woodworking and metalworking projects, offering precision and power. Similarly, a fingerboard is essential for climbers, providing strength and grip training for improved performance.


In essence, the drill press transforms your workshop into a precision drilling station.  While handheld drills offer portability, the drill press reigns supreme for accurate, repeatable holes.  Remember, its sturdy build, variable speeds, and depth control ensure clean holes in wood, metal, and various materials, making it an essential tool for any serious project.

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