House Paint in Golden, CO

Ultimate Guide to House Paint in Golden, CO

There are a ton of different reasons why people choose to paint or repaint the interior and the exterior of their homes, but it could be a very intimidating job, especially when you have no experience in doing it yourself. Getting your interior and exterior house painting in Golden, CO would help you be excused from the intimidating part while reaping the benefits of having a newly painted home. If you choose to do it yourself, there are a ton of things you have to know before you even start on your project.

What do You need to Know Before Painting Your House in Golden?

1. Remember, you can change paint

Going into the project, you have to remember that you can change paint. You could paint a square on your walls and look at it under different lights. If you notice that you do not like what looks on your walls, then you are free to go and try a new type of paint or a new color.

2. Determine the amount of paint you need

Before you order your paint, you need to determine how much paint you are going to need because it would just be a waste if you have too much, and it would be a hassle if you have too little. There is a paint calculator that would be able to help you determine how much paint you are going to need.

3. Prime your paint

During your preparation process, you could prime your walls because this could stand as a seal for your walls and be used as a base for your paint. You need to fill all of the cracks and the holes in the walls before doing this so that it would help in preventing any shiny spots and flashing on the wall.

4. Brush then roll

You have to brush your walls before you can start putting paint on your walls using the rollers. You have to brush your walls carefully from your ceiling, to the corner, and the baseboard because these are usually the places that the roller cannot reach.

5. Roller and paintbrush prepping

Before you start painting, you have to prep your rollers and your paintbrushes. You need to remove some of the debris and fibers from your roller so that it would not go to your paint then your walls. Get a painter’s tape and then wrap it backward around your hand, this would help you remove some of these fuzzy materials as it becomes a lint roller.

6. Use proper supplies

You have to make sure that the quality of supplies you are using is of good quality. These supplies usually include a sturdy step ladder which would be useful in helping you reach all of these corners that you can’t reach and roller extenders which would be able to help you reach higher parts of the wall without having to overstretch your arms.

What Type of Paint Should You Choose?

There are a lot of kinds of paint and finishes that you could choose when you are planning on painting your house.

Another finishing option that you could choose is flat or matter. This is the kind of paint that would have to have the least amount of shine compared to all of the other paints and it would be able to give off the most coverage with fewer coats. The matt paint would have to be the least durable out of all of them.

Next up, is semi-gloss. This is the kind of paint that would make your walls much more shiny and reflective. If you are looking for paint that is durable and mildew-resistant, then the semi-gloss paint would have to be a great option for you. It is best used in kids’ rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens because these rooms have the most moisture and are more prone to wear and tear.

Last but not least, is high-gloss paint. This kind of paint would have to be the shiniest out of all of the paint options that you have. They would also have to be the most washable and the most durable. This means that you would be able to scrub your walls daily without having to worry about the paint chipping. You could use this paint for cabinetries, trims, and doors.

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