Types of Screws

Types of Screws: The Complete Guide

Screws, also called as bolts, are the most used type of fasteners that are installed into diverse materials with the help of screwdrivers and hammers. While there are an immense array of different types of screws available in the markets, the multitude of options often create confusion among the consumers as to which screw type is the best for them. That is why we have come with Types of Screws: The Complete Guide to help you know more about the different types of screws threads and different types of screw heads as well as for which materials do they fit the most. 

Screws come in various sizes, shapes and features. While some of them are thin and long, others can be short and fat. Also the properties of these screws can be very different from each other. It is essential to know which screw is the right one for your project. With a lot of research, and studies we have put together the most essential types of screws and the most common usage of these screws in our blog, the Types of Screws: The Complete Guide. 

Without wasting any more time, let’s dive right into the Types of Screws: The Complete Guide. Listed below are the most popular types of screws used for fastening. 

  • Decking screws

Mostly made of stainless steel or carbon steel, the decking screws are specifically designed to attach the wooden boards and composite boards to metal and wood surfaces. Various width and length is available and that makes this type of screw heads the best solution for fastening and this is the primary reason why these screws top our Types of Screws: The Complete Guide. The decking screws are ideal for the shipbuilding industry and are widely used for fence building as well. These don’t require pre drilled holes and this feature can save you a lot of time. 

  • Pan-head screws

The Pan-head screws feature flat heads combined with rounded sides and are mostly used for fastening metal applications. These types of screws are very similar to the rounded oval head screws but instead of the oval head, these have pan headed tops. They are also available with single cutted slot heads which makes them ideal to use with a screwdriver. 

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  • Hex cap screws

The hexagonal head of the hex cap screws are large and this is what gives them their name.  These are mostly employed in places where attachment to metal or wood is required. These have tiny steel fixing threads on them and this caters to the needs of interior and stainless steel exterior uses.  

  • Carriage Bolts

These are mainly used in woodworking projects where these help the metal to be fastened to wood. These kinds of bolts prevent loosening with their doomed heads. Their special heads also prevents them from any chances of being pulled out from a wooden construction. They are also suitable for fastening metal applications. 

  • Lag Screws 

Consisting of  hexagonal heads and designed specifically for high-impact applications, the lag screws are mostly used in decks and sidewalls.  These are very long lasting and strong and are built of high carbon steels that make them rust and corrosion free.  

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