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Top Cosmetic Procedures Performed in the World

There’s been a surge in popularity in plastic surgery. Approximately 18 million surgical procedures take place every year in the United States alone. It is no surprise that it is not only women who opt for cosmetic surgeries these days; instead, it is the men who have contributed to this boom in the procedures. There is a myriad of popular cosmetic surgery treatments. Here, we will discuss a few of the most common ones.


Typically, there are two primary types of liposuction. It is a cosmetic procedure that involves the suction of the fat from a particular part of the body. The specific need for this procedure is a desire to have a shapelier and a slimmer silhouette. Gitanjali, an educator who offers accounting assignment helpsays that the trend of liposuction has a lot to do with the glorification of a particular shape or size of a body.

Of the two types of liposuction, the more popular one is the tumescent liposuction. In this, a saline solution, which is a drug to constrict the blood vessels and a numbing agent, is injected into the body part, which requires treatment. Following it, the fat, along with this liquid, is suctioned from the body. It is done with a small and a hollow metal instrument known as the cannula. With the liquid injection into the body, the patient might experience short-term fluid retention, but it will possibly go away in a few days.

The second type of liposuction is Ultrasonic-Assisted. In this, the cannula releases ultrasonic energy. It helps in melting the fat, which is then suctioned out of the body. If possible chose tumescent liposuction to avoid the many side effects of UAL. It is quite right the Ultrasonic-Assisted liposuction is way riskier than the tumescent liposuction as the former can cause both external and internal burns. Moreover, the surgery time of UAL is longer.

After a liposuction treatment, a person can take about a few days to return to work. However, the duration will depend on the area (or the areas) of treatment.

Breast augmentation

The surgical treatment for breast enlargement is excessively popular these days. Approximately 3,00,000 procedures of breast augmentation happen every year in the US. Women undergo this procedure for more than a few reasons. Breast augmentation may be performed to replace a breast, which may be asymmetrical or absent. People may get a surgery done on one or both breasts. Women might even opt for breast augmentation surgery if their breasts do not develop during puberty. It is known as congenital macromastia. Stacey, an associate who offers the best machine learning courses online, says that it is unfortunate but silicone implants, which were once seen as a health risk, are at increased popularity these days.

In this procedure, women usually recover within a week or two of rest. However, to undertake high impact activities like running, gyming, some more time may be needed.


It is a cosmetic surgery for eyelid reshaping. This surgery may be done either for cosmetic reasons or for improving the vision. The sagging skin or too much skin can lead to vision impairment. It might even make people look older. This procedure is performed to get rid of the wrinkling or the chronic puffiness of the lower eyelids. It is an excellent procedure for women who wish to retain their youthful appearance. In this treatment, the fat pads under the eye, which lead to eye bags’ appearance, are removed.

Following the procedure, people can return to work in about two weeks. However, for the swelling to subside, it may take a few weeks or months.


The popularity of tummy tuck procedures is huge these days because it helps people lift the lower body and remove the abdominal region’s excessive skin. To effectively achieve a completely flat tummy, you can visit a reliable tummy tuck Nashville surgeon who is dedicated to perform the surgical procedure and make you feel your best.

Once the surgery is performed, the doctor will also take measures to tighten the remaining skin.

It is a surgery performed on women who have to get rid of the extra skin after being pregnant or once they lose a significant amount of surgery following a bariatric procedure. The ideal candidate for this procedure will be someone who does not have a lot of extra fat deposits in the abdomen area and only has quite a lot of loose or hanging skin in the region.

Usually, people who undergo abdominoplasty treatment can get back to your routine activities in about two to three weeks. However, their physical activity will be hampered for quite some time.

Breast Reduction

It is one of the very few cosmetic surgery procedures for which your insurance company will pay routinely if the reduction benefits are beyond just the need for an improved appearance. It is a surgery performed by both men and women. Women who have unusually heavy breasts face difficulty finding clothing that fits them opt for this procedure. It is because heavy breasts result in poor posture and persistent back pain. It is a permanent solution, and patients can return to work within two weeks of treatment.

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