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Top 5 Skin Care Tips For Rosacea

Rosacea is one of the most difficult skin conditions anyone can deal with every day. The condition is even more challenging for individuals that care about their appearance a lot.  You have to try to look your best even when your skin isn’t at its best.  Whether working in an office or have a meeting with a client, you want to be at your best no matter what.  Here are a few tips and tricks we put together with some input from Grahams Natural on how to care for your skin and manage rosacea.

  1. Make A Calming Homemade Facial Mask

Nothing beats a natural homemade facial mask when dealing with rosacea. That said, you need to collect all the right ingredients to make something good enough to help keep your skin cool and well hydrated all day long. Start by blending yogurt and cucumber, mixed with honey and cooked oatmeal, to make that ideal all-natural face mask.  These ingredients pack essential nutrients and other compounds that help keep skin cells cool and radiant. You could also use honey if your pantry is running low too. Visit DIY Beauty and Rosacea Remedies Board (Pinterest) for more ideas and recipes.

can help to alleviate symptoms of Rosacea.

  1. Invest In A Green Tinted Primer

The green-tinted primer will come in handy in your worst days when the skin is all read. The green tint will help balance out the redness leaving you with your natural skin color. Be sure to pick a primer with UVA/UVB protection.

  1. Always Use A Creamy And/or Oil-Free Concealer

A creamy and oil-free foundation is considered much safer than plain powder, and for a reason. It helps keep the skin well moisturized without clogging your skin pores. This reduces the risk of causing skin irritation.

  1. Try Mineral Powder

Mineral primer is gentler on your otherwise sensitive skin as compared to other products.  You can also use the mineral powder on your foundation or primer.

  1. Try To Use Brushes Instead Of Sponges

Clean makeup and applicators reduce the risk of irritating rosacea. That said, you are better off with a clean brush for your makeup and not the sponges. Brushes are also softer on the skin and easier to clean too.


While the steps and tricks outlined above may help reduce skin flare-ups, you still need to have a clear and positive mind to make it through your worst days.  Start the day with confidence, and everything will fall into place.


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