The World’s Best-Selling Cars in 2020

The year 2020 has been a festival for Asian and American car brands. Though the Covid pandemic wreaks havoc in most markets, some segments suffer less than others, and automaking is one of the lucky ones. As for the most popular types of cars, the last year was about pickup trucks, crossovers and compact city sedans are fighting back the best.

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Toyota Corolla

One of the largest and reputable car manufacturers, Toyota, not only has one of the most intriguing logos of the world but also produces the world’s most selling car. The Corolla is one of the most respected names in the Toyota lineup. It’s loved and appreciated around the world. The brand recently introduced a hybrid and a new 2020 model into the lineup, and while the current situation has not allowed them to have a significant positive impact on sales, they have strengthened Corolla’s position.

Ford F-Series

The Ford F-Series is especially beloved in China and America, where it has enjoyed a reputation as the best-selling truck for decades. Sales are down in 2020, but even that’s enough to keep Ford’s offering on the honor board.

Toyota RAV4

The RAV4 posted record sales in 2019, falling just short of the one million units sold. Then Toyota missed its chance because of the late launch of the new generation in China, one of the two regions (with North America) that account for almost 80% of its global sales. In 2020, again no luck: a popular crossover again confidently went to that figure, but then everything was spoiled by the pandemic.

As one of the best compact SUVs in the world, the RAV4 has recently been redesigned, acquiring a bold style, improved performance, convenience, and features. The range of standard equipment has been noticeably expanded.

Honda CR-V

Up until March 2020, this popular crossover was selling at nearly the same rate as the year before. The CR-V’s success lies in its ability to offer consumers a comfortable, good-looking, and versatile SUV with enviable utility and excellent fuel economy. For 2020, Honda tweaked the CR-V’s appearance and added a hybrid version.

Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet’s best-seller is packed with fresh styling, improved features, and capabilities. It can be configured in hundreds of ways with a variety of cab sizes, body lengths, drive systems, and interior trim levels – from the basic Work Truck to the luxurious and powerful High Country. With a variety of engine/transmission combinations, the Silverado can be configured for any task needed, including towing up to 6 tons.

Ram Truck

The new RAMs seduced with updated looks, and their interiors were hailed as some of the best-looking on the market. The manufacturer offered six interior trim levels and an improved powertrain lineup, including a powerful diesel and hybrid system.

Honda Civic

The tenth-generation model debuted in early 2017, built on a new architecture with improved driving dynamics and a roomier cabin. Last year, the Civic received a light update and several new features, as well as a new Sport trim.

Toyota Camry

Starting with Toyota Corolla, and finishing the list with another mode of the iconic Japanese brand. Like most of the cars on this list, Camry sales are down this year, but not by much compared to the year before. Toyota introduces the car in a variety of configurations with several fuel-efficient engines. For those looking for top performance, there’s a TRD version with an improved drivetrain, suspension and brakes, more aggressive styling, and a special exhaust system.

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