How to port SIM to airtel

The Process And Duration To Port A Number To Airtel Postpaid

In many telecom networks, we often find users who are not very happy with the services. Hence, they decide to switch to some other network. The reasons for switching to other networks can be varied. For some, it is poor network coverage, while for others it is inadequate to service provision or even hike in plans.

If you too are keen on changing your network service provider and want to port your number to a network like Airtel, you can use the MNP service. So, here is the guideline that may help you.

How to port SIM?

There are two ways of porting your SIM to Airtel postpaid, online and by visiting a store. Let us check both ways.


  • You have to visit the site of Airtel at
  • Now go to the Postpaid tab and choose your suitable plan from the dropdown.
  • Now click on ‘buy now’ and enter your details to schedule your KYC pickup and SIM delivery
  • You can now generate your porting code or UPC by sending an SMS “PORT” to 1900. You will receive a code in the form of SMS from 1901. The code remains valid for 4 days and not more than that
  • An executive will visit at the location you have mentioned and at the chosen time slot to deliver SIM and activate the number
  • You must keep your document ready for identity and address proof at this point
  • As the executive visits, you have to share the unique port-in code, the identity and address proofs with him/her
  • To switch the number it takes around 48 hours if the number is ported in the same state, for interstate it takes around 4 days
  • You can install Airtel Thanks App on your smartphone to track the real-time status of the port-in order.

At Store:

  • You can generate the UPC by sending an SMS “PORT” to the number 1900
  • You will receive an SMS from 1901 in which the code will be shared. The code will be valid for 4 days
  • Now you have to visit your nearest Airtel store along with your documents so that you can complete the KYC and get the free SIM.
  • You have to share the unique port-in code, identity, and address proof with the Airtel executive you will find at the store
  • Now you can leave the store and wait for the next 48 hours to get the SIM activated
  • To track the real-time status, you may go ahead installing Airtel Thanks App.

While your number is being ported to Airtel postpaid, your current number may get deactivated and not work for a couple of hours after midnight. However, before it happens, you will be informed of the next steps. You also need to make sure that the address and identity you provide are valid.

Once you are an Airtel Postpaid customer, you can check and pay your bill through Airtel Thanks App without any hassle. For any kind of hindrance, you can contact the Customer Care service.

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