The Insider’s Guide to Airbnb Experiences

We are constantly looking for ways to provide you an advantage in the short-term rental market. This week on the DPGO blog, we’d like to look into Airbnb Experiences. We’re sure you’re wondering how a dynamic pricing software team can advise you on Airbnb experiences.

What exactly is an Airbnb Experience?

Experiences on Airbnb might range from culinary courses to guided excursions. Airbnb has moved into an interesting niche in the tourism sector by offering hosts the option to share their knowledge about their local location.

Airbnb was able to capture another important segment of the market and add value to its current host network by offering experiences. We must confess, it was a brilliant idea!

What Counts as an Airbnb Experience?

Prior to the outbreak, anything from a cooking lesson to a tour of the surrounding area qualified as an Airbnb Experience. Since the breakout of COVID-19, hosts have been compelled to think outside the box.

People are getting more inventive about what they can offer Airbnb consumers as experiences have gone online. People all throughout the world were confined to their houses and began to miss the excitement of travel. Resourceful Experience hosts identified a market need and took full advantage of it.

Cooking classes went virtual, tests went online, and in-person trips were replaced with video explorations of exotic locations. Some of the highest-rated Airbnb experiences are virtual, and based on what we’ve heard, virtual Airbnb experiences are here to stay!

Who hosts Airbnb experiences?

To run experiences on Airbnb, you do not need to be an Airbnb listing host. Some of the Experience hosts we met were regular tour operators who advertised their services on Airbnb. After becoming an Airbnb Experience host, some claim that Airbnb customers account for more than 60% of their total monthly income.

Airbnb hosts that provide Experiences have the added benefit of being able to serve existing and returning guests. Some of the most successful hosts package their property and experience and feed one into the other. Of course, this is accomplished through some spectacular marketing.

What is your earning potential?

That number, however, varies greatly from host to host, location to location, and season to season. We conducted extensive market research on this one and discovered a wide range of prices ranging from $0 to roughly $80,000.

According to the reviews we read, food-related experiences are currently the most popular on Airbnb. However, interactive tours, quizzes, and team-building activities have seen a significant increase in bookings.

The beauty of virtual Experiences is that you are not confined to people in your immediate vicinity. A professional chef can teach a pasta-making workshop and invite guests from all over the world.

In light of the ‘work from home’ movement prompted by the epidemic, an increasing number of businesses are adopting Airbnb Experiences as team-building exercises. This gives Airbnb Experience hosts a significant boost in business because they just have to do one class.

What are the Potential Consequences?

Again, based on market research, we discovered that many hosts were dissatisfied with the Experience review system. According to different hosts, the review method is difficult to understand, difficult to complete, and frequently produces erroneous information. More information on how to review an Airbnb experience may be found here.

Another disadvantage mentioned by existing Airbnb Experience hosts was the inability to set minimum numbers. Unfortunately, Airbnb does not enable hosts to specify a minimum number of visitors required to run the tour/class/experience. This means that if a host receives a single booking, they must honor the reservation even if it means losing money.

We also received a few concerns about the ambiguity of Airbnb’s review method. After you register an experience, it must be verified by someone from Airbnb. Many hosts have experienced good rapport with their reviewers and no difficulties. Some were even notified that their Experience far exceeded expectations, only to have their request to like an Experience on Airbnb disallowed 6 weeks later. There was no explanation given.

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