Telugu Movie New And Old Romantic Songs

Telugu Movie New And Old Romantic Songs – Which You Love Most

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Variety in Telugu Music: New And Old Romantic Songs

There are many songs in the cinema industry, and not love all of them songs. But we can quickly say that there are dissimilar types of people and they have dissimilar interests in listening to songs. They have to say that all the peoples are not identical and don’t have the same potential. So it is very uncharacteristic to all that no one can define music fully in his own words, but they can listen and understand the lyrics of songs.

If there are many languages of songs like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English, and many more, people are showing their interest in listening to the Telugu latest songs. Because many songs are now hits on Youtube and still now on Youtube trend, so check out naa songs and get all the hits and famous songs free.

1. Ramba Oorvasi Menaka

It is another popular song that is collected from a hit and action movie named Alludu Adurs. The movie of the song is one of the best movies of this time. Also, the song is the romantic category song, which has over 7 million views. It is a romantic song and a best lyrical value song, which has gained much more attention from visitors.

Telugu Movie New And Old Romantic Songs

Sreemani was the lyric writer of the songs by singers Mangli and Hema Chandra. Devi Sri Prasad was the music leader of the songs who earned immense fame by doing music direction. So when getting enough time, listen to these mentioned songs, which are some of the Telugu best party songs.

2. Sandalle Sandalle

Believe it or not, the song that we mentioned in the passage is the most viewed in the Telugu film industry, which has many positive reviews from fans and audiences. Also, this song is the best song for romantic song lovers who never listened to this type of song, and one more exciting thing is that the song is from the movie Sreekaram.

Mickey J Meyer was the music executive of this sweet lyric song, whose singers are Anurag Kulkarni and Mohana Bhogaraju, and the lyric writer of the song was Sanapati Bharadwaj Patrudu. Though the song is the best romantic song, the movie is an upcoming Telugu movie.

3. Mecchuko

It is one of the most exciting songs that got massive success from the people’s reviews, and the song is from the movie DJ Duvvada Jagannadham. The song that we mentioned in the para is that the movie is the best action and romance type movie at the box office and the movie was a colossal success.

Allu Arjun and Pooja Hegde cast this romantic listed song, and the song and Devi Sri Prasad was the music director of the song, which got colossal acceptance from visitors. Also, Nakash Aziz was the singer of this hit and popular song, and Srimani wrote the lyrics of the song.

Concluding Remarks:

Finally, in the article, we have included the most viewed Telugu movie songs, which are now trending on YouTube. You will love these songs if you listen to these songs. Don’t miss, listen to these songs right now and let the whole world know about Telugu movie songs.

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