SalonShark: Solving the Salon Growth Puzzle

For over 10 years, SalonShark has been providing salon owners with services that increase their business drastically. SalonShark has a better understanding of the needs of salons because they come from one. Our team knows what it takes to succeed and is committed to helping salon owners do just that.

Their team takes pride in being the only one-stop Salon & Spa business consulting service that specializes in building successful salons.

SalonShark has extensive experience as salon owners, stylists, and Next-Gen Marketing Solutions, which allows them to better understand and relate to the needs of salon owners. This is a huge advantage because it allows them to provide targeted services.

It can be overwhelming for salon owners when they start building their businesses. They might need help with everything from accounting to marketing or even purchasing furniture for their facility.

SalonShark has the knowledge and resources to help with all of these things and more.

Systems created for salons to streamline everything from scheduling employees to marketing their business. SalonShark develops effective strategies that are customized for each client, so each salon is able to thrive.

SalonShark’s founder and CEO Ms. Arwa Mithaiwala is a business consultant, who has a team of people working in the lifestyle industry for over 20 years. She is familiar with all of the ins and outs of running a successful business.

SalonShark started in 2011 when Ms. Mithaiwala found herself in an opportunity to share her expertise in building a successful salon with other salon owners. She looked into the many consulting options available for salons but didn’t find the help she thought she needed.

She made the decision to create that help by creating a company that would focus solely on helping salon owners with their business needs.

Our Smart Salon QR Menu Builder has helped businesses double clientele by creating digital menus for Salon or Spa by engaging more with their customers. It’s Free for a limited time. Signup now! Entire Salon Shark’s team is focused on creating solutions that will help salon owners succeed.

“Our vision is to help salon owners maximize their profits and increase the amount of time our employees spend doing what they do best. Our services are designed to not only increase sales but also to increase customer loyalty, and in turn, translate into more business for your salon.  SalonShark works with you every step of the way to ensure your success,” said Royston Sequeira, Founder @ Rosh & Roys Salon.

For more information about SalonShark or if you own a salon that wants to boost its profitability, please visit

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