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Here is a Brief Review of Binance Futures for Potential Users

Binance Futures is one of the largest futures trading platforms in the crypto market. Since its establishment, it has grown into a significant platform in the market and is at the top of the list of many crypto traders.

Binance is one of the most popular names in the crypto industry. Founded in 2017, it became the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. In 2019, the platform launched the futures trading platform, which has been a ground-breaking success for the crypto exchange.

If you are also interested in trading cryptocurrencies and are new to the crypto space then you should know some details mentioned in this brief Binance Futures review.

What is Binance Futures?

As mentioned above, the futures trading platform is like an extension of Binance global. This trading platform was established in 2019 and since then it has changed the dynamics of margin trading and more.

The futures trading platform has been created while keeping in mind the user experience of the customers, both beginners and experts. Therefore, Binance’s team made the efforts to make this platform more user-focused and improved to support all types of trading conditions.

How Was the Futures Trading Platform Created?

In this brief Binance Futures review you will get to know that the platform was created by Vice President of the company. The futures platform was created by considering the feedback given by crypto investors and traders regarding other platforms in the market.

Therefore, Binance Futures now:

  • Avoids the same mistakes that are made by other crypto trading platforms.
  • Has been created to be compatible with all kinds of crypto traders.
  • Has plenty of new products and innovation.
  • Has on-demand features available for the users.

Funding Futures Wallet

If Binance Futures is the kind of platform that you have been looking for, then you should know more details about it. One of the details you should know is how you can fund your futures wallet.

The process to fund a futures wallet is simple, easy and straight-forward. It has been created in a way to make it easy for every crypto trader, experienced and inexperienced alike.

Before you dive into the process of funding your futures wallet, you need to know that Binance only accepts Tether (USDT) for depositing or withdrawing. Therefore, you need to have USDT before you use Binance Futures for trading.

  • You can purchase crypto through your debit card
  • You can purchase through credit card
  • You can transfer digital assets from other wallets
  • You can also use “Cross Collateral” which is a new feature

All Trading Styles Supported

In this Binance Futures review you can also get to know about the trading styles that are supported by the platform. One of several outstanding features of the exchange is that it has been created for all types of crypto traders.

This means that you can use Binance Futures, regardless of your trading style. This is because this futures trading platform offers support to all types of trading styles.

Here are the trading styles supported:

  • Algorithmic trading
  • Hedging
  • Scalping
  • Trading high volumes

This trading platform has been created to be fast, secure, user-friendly and budget-friendly.

Order Types Available

Another aspect you can know about in this Binance Futures review is the order types that are supported by the futures trading platform. This can also specify whether this exchange is suitable for you to use or not.

Therefore, you should know that the Binance Futures supports:

  • Market Orders
  • Limit Orders
  • Condition Orders

Furthermore, there are several types of conditional order types that are supported as well. These are mentioned below:

  • Close on the Trigger
  • Fill-or-Kill
  • Good-till-Cancelled
  • Immediate-or-Cancel
  • Post Only

In-built Features

Binance Futures comes with several in-built features and analysis tools that help the crypto traders in technical and fundamental analysis. Some of the top in-built features that you can use on this futures trading platform are:

  • Built-in indicators
  • Crypto-related breaking news alerts
  • Drawing tools
  • New services
  • Trading tools
  • Trend lines

Mobile Support Offered to the Users

The mobile application of the Binance Futures is yet another outstanding aspect of the trading platform and makes crypto trading easier for the users.

It features some of the best in-built features, trading tools and more. The features of the mobile-friendly application are mentioned here:

  • Great charting tool
  • In-built custom indicators
  • Several order types
  • Several time frames
  • User-friendly interface

Final Takeaways!

Binance Futures is a remarkable trading platform that aims to take margin trading to an entirely new level. It is a highly suitable exchange for many crypto investors and traders, thanks to the impressive features it has to offer. If you are also interested in futures trading then you should consider using this platform. As a potential user, you should know the details mentioned above.

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