Must-Have Baby Products for Bath Time

Something that is going to be vital to start when your child is young is bath time. Your baby will need to get used to being in the water, as well as it being important for hygiene reasons. But, you do have to be careful of the products you use in the bath with your child. After all, their skin is fragile and sensitive when they are young.

Are you not sure where to start when it comes to baby products for bath time? Here are some must-have products that you need to think about buying.

Organic Bubble Bath

Let’s start with one product that is going to be enjoyable for your baby and even provide some sensory fun. We are talking about an organic bubble bath product. There are many that are suitable for newborns and older, which is going to help clean the skin, as well as moisturise. We mention that it should be organic so that it is as simple and natural ingredients as possible for your baby.

In particular, you will want to look for a bubble bath that is approved by paediatricians and dermatologists. This can give you peace of mind and know that it can be safe for your baby to use. For some products you can look at, click here. Questmoor Pharmacy has a baby collection that includes organic bubble baths and other products suitable for children with sensitive skin.

Bath Toys

The truth is, when your baby is young, they might not enjoy baths. In fact, they can be scary at first. So, you want to make this as fun experience as possible. This means that you have got to have a range of bath toys at the ready. You can leave them floating in the water so your child to watch them or actively play with them.

Of course, if your child is distressed during a bath, toys can act as a good distraction. If they are busy having fun, they cannot concentrate on what they do not like. Think about the type of toys your child will like whether this is animals, musical or brightly coloured characters. This way, bath time can be a great bonding experience that you both enjoy.

Cotton Washcloths

Some gentle exfoliation might be necessary for your baby during bath time. This should be done carefully as a baby’s skin can be a lot more sensitive than your own. So, for this job, you will need some cotton washcloths. They are going to be soft and gentle on the skin and when they are damp. Exfoliation can be beneficial if your child has cradle cap, as well as other patches of dry skin.

Again, you do not want to be scrubbing with cotton washcloths. You want to use a gentle patting motion to try to remove any dry skin. You also want to always make sure they are clean prior to use to prevent infection. Remember that the skin is fragile at a young age.

Emollient Balm

Let’s not forget that you have to watch your baby’s skin when they come out of the bath. This is particularly true if your child is prone to eczema or very dry skin. This can become uncomfortable and itchy for them and this is particularly true at night. Indeed, this can lead to crying in the early hours.

Something that you can try on your infant to change this is applying emollient balm after a bath. This is a product that is supposed to help with long-lasting moisturisation. This can be soothing for your child and help to prevent excessive itching. Of course, when your child is more comfortable, they are more likely to sleep through the night soundly.

Baby Towel

Of course, you have to dry your child before you can apply any moisturising products. With their skin, you want to find a baby towel that is soft and fluffy. We are talking about finding one that is 100 per cent cotton. This will feel nice on the skin and can even relax your child when you are trying them.

A hooded baby towel might also be beneficial. Coming out of the bath can make your baby cold. So, you want to help to preserve their heat by covering their head. Plus, when they are warm and cosy, they are going to be ready to drop off to sleep in the evening and enjoy a good rest. Plus, this is going to be good news for you as a parent.

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