Mouse Droppings – Things You Need to Know

If you own an apartment building, it is very important to have proper rat or mouse control procedures and inspections in place. These laws were enacted to ensure the safety of both occupants of the building and those who visit. This protection is usually referred to as landlord-tenant privilege and is a legal mandate from the state government.

The problem with some landlords is that they ignore this rule, allowing mice and rats to infest their properties and causing damage to expensive furnishings. You can take some simple and low-cost measures to avoid this problem and protect your investment for many years to come. The most question we are searching the answer for is it safe to remove mouse droppings?

Prevent them from Occurring in the First Place

The most effective way to deal with mouse droppings is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. To do this, you should inspect your outside garbage cans regularly for food and water droppings. Many times, rats and mice will build nests underneath the trashcan liners. These can contain poison pellets and other harmful chemicals that can harm your pets and cause damage to your home.

Always Clean up any Rat Droppings

Always clean up any rat droppings that you find along baseboards, walls and floors. If you have trouble finding the droppings, consult your landlord or building maintenance department to see if there are any restrictions in place regarding rodent and pest control. It may be illegal to use poison on mice and rats in some cases, so consulting a professional is highly recommended.

Keep Food and Water Safe and Away

Keep food and water away from your apartment or condominium units until the pest control company arrives to remove the mouse droppings. Your furry friends are resilient creatures but will die quickly if exposed to too much moisture. Remove all food packages, dry food, cakes and pastries, and any liquid foods like fruit juices and sodas. These may contain rodent droppings that are harbored by rodent feces and can cause serious health issues in humans. Rat and mouse droppings are a common cause of food poisoning, which can be especially hazardous for children.

Check Your Heating and Air Conditioning Units

Be sure to check your heating unit and air conditioning unit if they contribute to the accumulation of rodent droppings. Newer models are designed to lower the amount of moisture and heat accumulated in your home, but older models may not be as effective. The most efficient pest control method is to call a professional pest control company in advance to remove the rodent droppings. A qualified technician will perform an inspection of your home and determine the best method of removal.

One popular option is to use bait. Rodent traps come in a variety of sizes and designs. The trap’s size and design should match the size of the rodent in your home. Some rats will trip over small bait traps and ignore them, while other rats will take the bait immediately and may attack your pets immediately. Small traps that are made of spring or food grade material are inexpensive and easy to use. If you choose to use bait, you should empty the trap after each use to not waste money on bait that has not been effective.

If you have a mouse problem, one of the best choices for controlling it is using an electrical rodent interceptor. These devices are powered by a high voltage current and emit a small electric shock when the wire comes into contact with rodent droppings. An animal whose circuits have been contaminated with electricity cannot heal itself properly, so these devices are particularly effective at removing sick mice and rats. These types of rodenticides are safe for children and healthy adults, and they have a minimal residual effect. If you are considering using an electronic mouse trap to control rodents in your home, you should discuss your veterinarian options. While rodent control is not an exact science, many factors contribute to your area’s growth and number of rodents. Keep these issues in mind as you seek to educate yourself about potential rodent control solutions. Educating yourself about the various products on the market will allow you to make the best choice for your family.

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