When it comes to online fashion, certain names immediately spring to mind. MAX site is one of those with a popularity that has continued to grow for almost 20 years.

Its concept: to offer clothing and accessories at a lower cost that resemble those worn by people in magazines. The recipe quickly took hold and MAX can today boast of being present in man countries and of offering unlimited styles.

In this article I will be presenting to you aspects of this brand, my honest opinion and give you an exclusive offer to shop for less: Max discount code.

The story behind Max Fashion

Max fashion, a leading brand sold in 575 stores around the world, was launched by Ramanathan HARIHARAN, almost 17 years ago (May 2004) in the United Arab Emirates, max fashion is emerging as a major fashion player in the world. Since the opening of the first boutique in Indore, India in 2006, the Emirati brand has opened more than 500 stores in 19 countries in the Middle East, India and the African continent in just twelve years.

It is in a festive atmosphere with many colors that the brand presented its collection.

There is something for all tastes and all colors … clothing for men, women and children.  Shoes, accessories and lingerie items are also available at max fashion.

Max is known for ‘Everyday Fashion’ and its affordable fashion, it offers a vast range of choices, different up to date styles and a very good quality.

New Max Fashion collections are now available at stores, like ready-to-wear lingerie which is a huge success to the brand, beauty and accessories. Some wallet-friendly items for men and women are also available.

Max in the air of Covid-19

CEO of Max Fashion and Group Director at Landmark Group, said in one of his interviews that “Max is closely adhering to government regulations in relation to health and safety at our stores, offices & distubution centers, helping to limit the spread of COVID-19 following ease of restrictions in movement. The wellbeing of our customers and staff is of paramount importance to us and we will to continue to follow UAE guidelines to ensure the shopping experience across all of our stores is both enjoyable and safe. ”

But even though going to Max stores is safe, shopping online from home is even more safe. Max presents its items on models in a very good way you don’t even need to try them on you. Pictures displayed on the website or in the app are very helpful and from all possible corners to help pick what you want with ease.

Max Fashion discount code

Even though Max is a very affordable fashion brand, having more discounts never hurts !

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Max Fashion app

You can shop online over more than 8,000 amazing products including women’s wear, men’s wear, kids’ wear, shoes, home decor, beauty and more from Max fashion app. You will be able to enjoy great deals not to mention the Max discount code provided by Almowafir website.

Max fashion stores offer clothing for men and women, shoes, accessories, beauty and decoration products. The positioning of the brand is meant to be mid-range, but with the most convincing quality / price ratio. In 2015, the arrival of the new British designer gave a new dynamism to the brand, making it more modern and trendy, in original looks that are constantly created.

Max fashion made a name for itself at the end of 2014 when it won the Gold Medal for its integrated marketing in Bombay and the Silver Medal for its Brand Building at the 3rd Asian Customer Engagement Forum.

Max Fashion Collections

Some of the benefits of shopping online on the app :

  • You can pay by cash on delivery or by credit cars. You can also use Shukran card.
  • Every time you buy an item you’ll be earning Shukran points which you can spend later
  • In case you want to cancel or return your order, you can do this easily from the app, in just few clicks.
  • If you like an item, you can put it in your favorite list and buy anytime later.

As with any good, self-respecting online store, each product has a detailed sheet that provides information on the composition, size, maintenance advice, etc. With its few years of experience, MAX offers us the best in the field with a full options product sheet: photos of the garment worn and a size recommendation according to our morphology and our cut preference. If you don’t know yet, I highly recommend you give it a try, it’s very handy! Although there is still a risk of error, the recommendations are really interesting (and the returns always free, hey hey).

My overall experience

Max Fashion has became one of my favorite fashion stores. The offers and sales going on there are insane and the fact that I can get extra discounts with Max discount code is a huge plus for me.

One more good thing about Max is that you can easily find all sizes which is super important to women with curves. A variety of styles are available for everyone with every taste.

Clothes are so comfortable and lightweight, quality is great, I definitely still wear  clothes that I got there few years ago, quality is really durable.

Relatively easy and intuitive ordering, effective sizing recommendations and clothes delivered quickly. In short, MAX justifies its place among the leaders in the online ready-to-wear market due to the scope of its offer, the particular universe of its clothing lines and its efficiency in the ordering and delivery process.

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