Love Beach Life? Here’s How to Create a Beach Theme in Your New Home 

If you live near a coastline, chances are that every time you pass by the beach you feel a bit lighter and perhaps even inspired. But this is actually caused by forces that can be explained by science.

Humans (and all animals) are naturally drawn toward the water. After all, we all need water to survive. And this is probably why coastlines around the world are the most populated areas on the planet. Though not all can afford to live right on the beach, being near the coast is good enough for most. 

Even if you can’t afford to live by the beach, this doesn’t mean that you can’t invite the beach into your home no matter where you live. Doing so is as simple as getting a bit creative with your decor and the color palette that you choose.

If you just love the beach life and you want to wake up and feel like your toes are in the sand, the following will offer a few ideas. 

Beach Decor

Depending on the look you’re trying to achieve, i.e., minimalist, urban, modern, etc., you’ll want to choose your beach decor carefully. And this is simply because a beach theme can be easily overdone if you add too much contrast or too much kitsch. Thankfully, there are subtle ways to invite a coastal theme into your home without being too literal.

First, you might consider heading down to the beach to choose your decor. That’s right, the beach is perhaps the cheapest way to obtain subtle beachy reminders that you can place throughout your home. But again, less is always more.

A few ideas you may consider are as follows:

  • Bottled sand
  • Beach glass
  • Pebbles and seashells
  • Oyster shells 
  • Driftwood
  • Starfish

Bottled sand is often a great little reminder of the beach, especially in smaller corked bottles that you can place as decorative accents. And instead of paying for driftwood, finding your own unique pieces will prove to be much more fulfilling, and these can be beautiful in their natural state or when stained if you prefer a richer tone. 

Adding Texture

One thing that every beach has, no matter what coastline you’re on, is texture. In fact, if you observe your surroundings closely, you’ll find a rich and varied texture just about everywhere you look on the beach, much like a desert-scape. And the idea is to mimic this texture in small enough doses that will nod toward a beach vibe within your home. 

When you observe the beach, you’ll find the rough texture of sand along with the shapes that the wind and waves create as nature’s motion sculpts the landscape. This can be mirrored by using woven rugs made of jute, canvas tapestries, and the like. 

Additionally, if you observe the beachgrass, it’s often rough and dry. And having a tuft of this style of dried grass placed in a vase or a small pot can add a coastal feel to your living space. Or you can use these as small reminders by accenting the corners of your home with them.

Color Palettes 

Perhaps the most important theme of your beach decor is going to be the foundational color scheme that you choose as your base. And this can suit any style you’re going for. 

For example, if you’re going for a louder beach feel, bright oranges, yellows, and deep blues might serve as perfect colors for accent walls or trim. But if you’re going for a more modern or minimalist style, keeping your base tone white or beige is going to be a great starting point. 

Beach colors vary, but commonly you’ll find a range of off-whites, various shades of deep or pastel blue, and muted colors such as aquamarine, canary yellow, sea green, and the like. But again, if you’re going after a specific style, it’s best to start with simple, soft colors and build cautiously from there.

Even the outside of your home could be the entryway for a coastal theme. In fact, on many beach bungalows, you’ll find soft blues, grays, slate, and many other varieties of the aforementioned colors that blend well together, usually with white as an accent instead of as a base. 

Bringing the beach into your home can be done without living directly on a pricey piece of real estate. But you’ll need to be creative if you want to add a unique edge to your design. After all, it’s your home. And you should let your own personality show through.

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