Is The LA Note Magazine The Robin Hood Of Entertainment Publications?

The LA Note is a media publication that centers on the entertainment industry. The LA Note works on an array of projects and has a diverse set of published articles. 

For example, The LA Note has uploaded 30 under 30 and many featured articles on talented individuals in this industry. 

Regardless of if one has been in the industry for decades or if they started yesterday, The LA Note offers equal opportunity to get published. Diligence and drive are what make a talented artist and The LA Note understands that. 

They do not care about being a big name or falling into certain categories that mainstream media has set for artists. 

With that being said, The LA Note can be considered the Robinhood of entertainment publications.

Direct To The Marketplace

The LA Note offers a unique way in which one can be featured. 

They have a clear understanding of their audience and know that many of the entertainers who are extremely talented are not getting the media exposure they deserve. 

The LA Note reaches out directly to their marketplace. They contact a diverse group of artists who are interested in their publications. 

This provides equal access to those who are being overlooked. 

By allowing underground artists to be at the forefront of the publication, The LA Note is doing things differently. 

It is not all about the big names but, about the drive and dedication to their craft.

Utilizing SEO Best Practices

The LA Note uses key SEO strategies to bring a new audience and further engagement to the site. SEO stands for search engine optimization. 

Basically, it is search queries that determine how relevant and popular a website is. The LA Note does keyword research in order to know what topics are trending with the public. 

This allows for them to expand on that topic and introduce their own work into the mix. Using keyword research has been proven to get more traffic to the website.

Additionally, The LA Note uses the first and last names of their featured artists in their articles. 

This makes it more likely for the article to appear on the first page of Google when searching for the artist. 

This brings more clicks to the website and further exposure for the artist. It is a mutual growth for the client and the publication.

Brand Expansion

The brand of an artist is critical for the way they’re perceived by an audience. Sticking to one genre can seem like the easiest route to success. 

However, The LA Note encourages these performers to grow their talents in multiple fields. Being tied down to one field limits exposure and relatability. For example, with Indian actress Sara Banerjee, she’s launching her own show on YouTube and has landed hosting opportunities as well.

If an artist does a variety of entertainment they are more likely to find new audience members. Also, there is potential for untapped talent in these fields. 

Artists may not know that they have a gift in another region until they try it out. The LA Note works with these artists to explore these strengths and expand their brand. 

Marketing somebody as multi-talented makes it easier for them to get exposure in a variety of ways.

Community Style Connection

Community style connect is how a business shows they care about their clients. When a business is only in for the money and corporate greed, it is very telling of their work style. 

Nobody wants to work with somebody who will throw them aside for some cash. 

The LA Note believes in creating a sense of community with their artists and their staff. It is critical to be working towards joint success and uplift each other every way that they can.

 The LA Note does an impeccable job of providing their artists with networking opportunities, resources, and referrals. 

They want to illustrate that they’re not just another media publication but a sense of trust in this industry. 

Creating this community-style connection is incredibly beneficial to both parties as it creates a healthy working environment.

Overall, it is clear that The LA Note is set apart from other publications because of its dedication to its clients. 

The LA Note believes in equal opportunity and does not want anyone to be defined by the label of “underdog”. 

They use their marketing skills, SEO knowledge, public relations tools, and brand expansion to help their clients get a larger audience. In turn, The LA Note also sees growth. 

As The LA Note grows, the people they write about will continue seeing more and more engagement. 

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