Is having a pet bearded dragon worth the cost and time

Is having a pet bearded dragon worth the cost and time?

You can’t put a price on a great pet. Ask any bearded dragon owner and they’ll tell you that these sweet, spikey lizards are absolutely worth the cost and time of owning one. They have simple care requirements, a wonderful temperament, and above-average intelligence that opens the possibility for all kinds of fun interactions. While there’s no shortage of reasons why bearded dragons make great pets, we’ll use numbers to prove that pet bearded dragons are indeed worth investing in. 

The Costs of Owning A Bearded Dragon

The biggest costs associated with owning a bearded dragon are the initial ones: buying the lizard itself and getting its enclosure set up. Your average bearded dragon will cost between $99 and $299. Younger, juvenile beardies are less expensive while the mature, full-grown adults will be priced at the higher end of the range. An adult will need a minimum of 75 gallons which will cost about $299 (but can vary depending on the specific dimensions). 

Food costs are usually a third major and ongoing cost of pet ownership. However, bearded dragons are omnivores whose diet primarily consists of products and insects like crickets or mealworms. These items are cheap and keep the cost of feeding a bearded dragon quite low.  At most, you might spend $10 a week on their food.

The auxiliary costs are negligible: they don’t need toys for being kept entertained, expensive snacks to spice up their diet, or a babysitter when you go out of town. Since your bearded dragon will remain in its tank the majority of its life, you don’t have to worry about it running around ruining furniture or clothing that would need to be replaced. Aside from the occasional vet visit, your bearded dragon is a pet with minimal costs. 

How Time Consuming Are They?

Like most other reptile species, one of the greatest aspects of owning a bearded dragon is how low maintenance they are. These animals are native to the deserts of Australia. They like their habitat warm, dry, and with a couple of rocks for basking and hiding. Recreating their environment is straightforward, and a lot less fussy than that of an aquatic reptile. Their simple setup requires minimal cleaning and would only need to be done so on a weekly basis. 

As far as the other aspects of their care, feeding and socialization are equally as easy. Bearded dragons eat daily but can self-regulate so that they only eat as much as they need. No need to monitor them to make sure they don’t overeat. Simply drop in their dinner and go about your day. Bearded dragons do well with social interaction but it isn’t mandatory. It’s usually recommended to hold them for about 15 minutes a day, but they’ll be perfectly content if left alone.

Bearded Dragons Are Practical Pets

Bearded dragons are perfect for beginners but still an entertaining pet option for experienced reptile enthusiasts. Not only are they enjoyable, but they’re practical and financially feasible. Bearded dragons are easy and inexpensive to keep as pets, even when compared to reptile standards. You can find bearded dragons for sale in most places where reptiles are sold, including online pet shops. Experience the joy of owning one today!

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