Is Arabica Coffee Better Than Robusta Coffee Beans?

Arabica coffee is a popular type of coffee bean that came from Costa Rica and is now widely enjoyed by a lot of people all over the world. On the other hand, the Robusta coffee bean is also a well-known type of coffee bean on the side of the manufacturers, rather than the customers for its quality that makes it widely loved by a lot of people once mass-produced. These two have distinctive properties, which eventually led to the conclusion that Arabica coffee beans are way better than the latter. Arabica plants make for great espresso coffee beans due to their superior taste.

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But do not get me wrong. Robusta coffee beans still have a quality that made them very favorable to a lot of coffee drinkers around the world. You might have taken a Robusta coffee as you read this, or you might have drunk one in some place at some point in time numerously. However, Arabica coffee beans are also some of the common types of coffee. To find out why I am saying all of these, here are the facts that made a lot of people think that arabica coffee is better:


The flavor of the two types of coffee is what mainly defines the fact that Arabica is a superior coffee bean to Robusta. Arabica has the more aromatic type of flavor that a lot will think that they are drinking more genuine coffee. Its sweetness made the majority of the world consider Arabica as a much better variant since the majority of coffee drinkers prefer the sweeter blend rather than the purer, bitter type. 

The reason why Arabica coffee is sweeter is that it has almost twice the sugar content present in Robusta coffee beans. On the other hand, robusta has an earthy flavor and has a more bitter taste that might make you add more sugar when blending one.

Caffeine Content

Arabica has 1.5 percent caffeine, while Robusta has a whopping 2.7 percent caffeine content. This makes Robusta the perfect coffee to drink if you need a serious energy boost that will get you working all day long. Also, this is the reason why Robusta is more bitter than Arabica, as it’s meant to give energy rather than let you enjoy its wonderful flavor. Also, this is the reason why a lot of instant coffee producers prefer Robusta, so then you can really have that daily dose of energy. However, just take note of the drawbacks of caffeine withdrawal due to the high level of caffeine present in it.

Health Benefits

Arabica is also considered to be healthier than Robusta not just because of its very safe caffeine content. Arabica is also known to be more acidic than the Robusta coffee beans. Therefore, the level of antioxidants present in Arabica is proven to be way higher. On the other hand, the advantage of Robusta over Arabica is its own composition that makes it resistant to pests, making it easier to harvest.

To be fair with Robusta, as it has benefited us in providing energy-granting properties than Arabica, and why instant coffee is very cheap and still enjoyable like the more expensive coffee beans, here are some of the things that made Robusta somewhat better:

Harvesting Methods

When it comes to the harvesting of Arabica, it could be a complicated process. First, you need to cultivate it specifically in a region that has a higher Altitude and colder climate. Next, you need to tend to them every now and then since they are prone to pests. On the other hand, Robusta is not a problem to farm at all because it is versatile, as it can be grown even in hotter regions like South East Asia and Africa. Robusta is also known to be resistant to bugs and pests due to its chemical composition. This benefit of Robusta also helped out a lot in the second quality that makes it better than Arabica.


As far as the comparison goes, the when you buy buy Arabica coffee beans it is about three times higher than Robusta. This is also one of the reasons why instant coffee manufacturers prefer Robusta coffee, as they can lessen the price they needed to sell the products that can make them more profitable. Of course, it’s also meant to make Robusta coffee the reason why instant coffee is extremely affordable by everyone in the world. The means of harvesting Robusta, since it’s lower-maintenance and pest-resistant, made it more affordable to mass-produce as well. 

With these in mind, for sure you already know why some would consider Arabica as a superior coffee bean than Robusta. But still, Robusta is excellent if you are only looking for a strong dose of caffeine for the morning to start your busy day. However, if exquisite coffee flavor is what your taste buds are looking for, then Arabica is the go-to! Arabica is also perfect for lots of different types of coffee, late, cappuccino etc… even frappe with the whipped cream on the top.

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