Iranian composer Amin Homaei was banned from any artistic activity forever


Amin Homaei was born on July 13, 1984. He is currently a famous and popular composer and musician in Iran. Also, he is known as a skilled pianist. There are almost all kinds of talents in the music world. So far he has worked on more albums, and they have gained popularity much faster. Amin Homaei has quickly gained a reputation as a popular musician in Iran.The artists he has worked with so far are all very popular and famous. Among the artists he has worked with are Omid Nematisala’sAghili, Naveed Naroji, Wahid Taj, Mohammad Reza Niazi, AlirezaBeringian, and many more. A ban on music campaigns has been imposed on him, so keep reading this article to know how effective it is.

Amin Homaei’s activities after the ban were imposed

Amin Homaei started his musical career by playing the piano. The position he chose to increase the prosperity of the music world was completely flawed and judged. It has become such a disaster for him in the world of music that he has been declared a bane from art. Since the ban on the Iranian artist has not been officially announced, he is still working on a variety of music albums. This artist puts a lot of emphasis on traditional songs, so he is influenced by traditional music. Despite being a well-known Iranian artist, he has been banned from any artistic activity forever.

According to various reports from Iran, there are indications that no measures have been taken or formally announced yet. The musical activities that he performed were imposed because they violated the conventional structure. It was not immediately clear why Amin Homaei was banned. So, many kinds of questions are aroused in the minds of many of the fans.Known as one of the most famous composers in Iran, Amin Homaei amazingly composed music last year. He has achieved great success in Iran by composing and producing more than 7 albums alone.

Amin Homai’s recent activities have become very popular among his fans. The most notable of these is the album “Before Autumn, After Autumn”. It is composed and voiced by him. It has been established as the best composing of all his compositions. Also, he has gained a lot of love and respect from the listeners in the official Iranian music market as well as gained more fame.On the Beep Tunes site, his album was gain the best-seller.Amin Homaei has gained much popularity in Iranian music in recent years as a composer.In a very short period, he gained experience in composing in the international and orchestral arenas and gained much recognition.

Last words:

Finally, I would like to say that Amin Homaei has been able to establish himself as one of the most famous and best composers in Iran in a very short period.As a musician and composer, his talent is a source of pride for Iran. But most of the audience regretted that all his activities were banned.

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