Improving Facebook Marketing On The Central Coast With Audience Overlap Analysis

If you are mindful of audience overlap when you’re doing social media marketing, you can fix the potential complications.

In this article, we are going to explain what Facebook Audience Overlap is, why it can be damaging for your ad performance, and how to overcome this problem.

What is Facebook marketing?

Facebook can be an intimidating place for someone new to the world of marketing and content outreach. Facebook advertising isn’t as simple as it seems, and you’re likely to make a few mistakes. 

Facebook is in the top three most used sites in Australia. That means plenty of potential customers. Choosing Facebook marketing audiences on the Central Coast can be overwhelming, especially when there are endless ways of targeting options available. The best way to use Facebook advertising is to target core audiences and put your brand in front of new prospects. 

However, you can face a potential problem – ads overlap – a common error that could potentially tear down the results of the whole strategy. In the following text, we will explain how to have the best Facebook marketing on the Central Coast.

What is Audience Overlap?

Marketing with different ad sets to the same audience leads to audience overlap. In this case, your ad sets are competing against each other when they end up targeting similar audiences. This leads to inefficient use of your budget and unnecessary costs. 

There’s a way to check if the audiences you are using are overlapping. We’ll teach you how to conquer audience overlap and show you how to stay away from it with a few easy tactics.

Is Audience Overlap harmful?

Overlap can be harmful in two ways: it is budget consuming, and it can lead to ad fatigue. First, when people see repeated messages, it leads to campaign underachievement in comparison to the amount of money spent. Second, people become unresponsive to your ads if they keep seeing them over and over again. In the worst case, this may annoy users, and they can easily end up hiding your ad and trying to avoid seeing it again. All in all, this leads to underachievement and worse results than expected.

So what can you do to prevent audience overlapping?

How to determine audience overlap?

This is quite easy. Facebook offers a great free tool that provides us with the data necessary to make great ads that resonate with our audiences. 

Just go to the Facebook Business Manager, then pick the Audiences section, and you can choose all the audiences you’d like to compare for overlap. Here you can see some other metrics and comparisons. It will show you the number of people and the percentage overlap that exists in both audiences. 

Use this insight to do research and segment your Facebook audiences. Once you’ve decided what audiences you are targeting, you must pay attention to how you set up your ad sets. This, combined, will make your campaign more profitable and improve the overall user experience.

How to limit audience overlap?

With Audience Overlap, you can compare a few segments: Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, and Saved Audiences. You can even compare across types, meaning that you can compare Lookalike Audiences to other Lookalike Audiences. 

For example, if your intention is to bring ads to both a Saved and a Lookalike Audience, then you need to exclude them from each other. 

The key option here is that you can create a Saved Audience where you can include various behaviors and interests. You can use this to determine whether you should target a particular audience. When you compare a few different Saved Audiences, you can discover which one is most closely aligned with your business and consider targeting it, said John O.from twiftnews.

You can even further narrow targeting within the ad set if you add a connection to a page or an app.

Ways to avoid bad marketing on Facebook

You don’t want to let your campaigns compete against each other, and you don’t want to bore your audience. Try regrouping overlapping ads into fewer ad sets and compile them into a single set.

Create and refine target audiences by including certain demographics, gender, location, and age groups. You can check the statistics of the population on the Central Coast to help you determine your target audience. Try to keep this audience entertained, and they will attract similar users. Be careful with your old audiences overlapping with the new ones. 

Now you’re ready for improvement

Audience overlap can often occur if advertisers aren’t careful when creating ad sets. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to spot them, make a few adjustments, and apply a few tactics to improve the overall marketing. Now you can start paying less and receive great results in your social media marketing on the Central Coast.

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