How to use Linktree

How to use Linktree

The Linktree app is a popular third-party app that you can use to get the “one link” rule on Instagram. The app lets you create a Linktree branded landing page to add multiple links and then you add the Linktree branded link to your Instagram bio.

Linktree Alternatives and other apps to link to your Instagram bio

I’ve written about LinkedIn before and commented on not using the Instagram Bio app for your social media marketing efforts (my view is that you should capture website traffic to your own website – not anyone else’s).

If you haven’t heard of it, the Linktree app is a popular third-party app that lets you add a link to your Instagram bio.

Many bloggers and marketers use the “one link” rule on Instagram for skirts (meaning the only way for less than 10,000 fans to link to another website is via a bio link. For more than 10,000 fans or verified Instagram users, they have a Can add link). The Linkbook is similer to Linktree app is great because it creates a landing page so you can add links to promotions, events, contact pages, sales pages, or your own blog.

Why it’s important to have a landing page like Linktree in your Instagram bio

 In fact, the team at Percy. li discovered that clickable Instagram landing pages generated 10-15% more referral traffic from Instagram than regular website links.

So, they are not only practical for the marketers – but the end-users also seem to like them!

 Using it, I don’t have to change my Instagram bio link every time I want to promote a new article.

I added a Call to Action (CTA) to my Instagram caption – something like “Click the link in the bio and scroll through Sonoma Magazine for my latest article about Rose in the Russian River Valley.”

Examples of linktree alternative landing pages

My social media friend Kerry Rego recently worked with his web designer to link to his website, social media services, classes, and blogs, to create a great general landing page on his website entirely in the blue background of his image and his signature.

Also, a friend of mine who runs social media at Sonoma County restaurants, Handline, Lyles, and The Fern Bar – all in Sebastopol – just worked with his web designer to create landing pages for restaurants on each of his websites. The tiles in the pictures are perfect for restaurants because they run a lot with events, blog recipes, and new promotions – they’re all very spectacular so it makes sense.

There are many alternative Instagram marketing apps to add to your Instagram bio besides Linktree

Link. Same as bio linktree. Including the free version of the link. Bio, you will get unlimited links but no branded URLs as you get with Linktree. Links are the title of the image – not the text – which is great. The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau uses this app for his Instagram bio by linking to different pages on the Canadian government website

Linktree Next Bio provides a way for you to add links or tag products to Instagram posts that can turn your feed into a clickable, customized landing page. The Sonoma County Tourism page uses this app for its Instagram marketing.

The organic of the campsite is that it has come across my feed. They have a free version with the basics and a pro version for an hour of 7.00 per month with all the hours and whistles (custom background, analysis, Mailchimp integration, etc.).

The link to the profile is 9.99 a month, but I personally don’t know who uses it. The app automatically pulls content from your Instagram feed, so once set up, it makes it a set-and-forget app that some people like.

And, also the link tree.

Again. The landing pages are clean and straight There are no bells and whistles but many people are not looking for it. There is a free version and a pro version for Link Tree. The second is $ 6 a month and includes your click-traffic, custom buttons and styles, a custom title, the ability to set links, and the way to add your Facebook pixels and reconnected linktree viewers One reason to say no at first – you want to capture traffic to your website and connect with your visitors).

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