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How to get prime CS:GO

In the world of CS:GO, there are many sources out there that can offer you prime accounts, but most of them will be corrupted and unsafe to use. Some may contain viruses or malware that can be detrimental to your computer or Steam account, which can get you banned from playing on official servers. In this guide, we will teach you how to find a safe source for prime CS:GO Accounts, and how to use it properly to have fun while avoiding any possible bans or compromises to your computer or Steam account.

What is Prime Status

Prime status allows you to upgrade all your matchmaking experience in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Simply purchase an eligible game on Amazon and you’ll be instantly upgraded to Prime Status! To see if your game is eligible for Prime, simply go here. If your game is not eligible, it will appear greyed out in your account when selecting which games are included with Prime.

Prime Account Basics

By default, all Steam accounts are non-prime. Every account needs a verified phone number and address associated with it in order to become a prime account. This is why you need an extra step when signing up for your favorite games, like TF2 and CS:GO, because these games come with exclusive trading and marketplace features only available to users who own a Steam Prime Account. On top of that, owning a prime account can open up numerous other features within various games that require that status.

Tips on Getting Prime Status

Getting access to Prime status for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a big milestone in your competitive CS:GO career. It’s also one of those mysterious and expensive things that some people never quite understand. Luckily, we’re here with our best advice on how you can become a Prime member and reap all of its benefits. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to experiencing CS:GO like never before!

Prime accounts offer exclusive features for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. They include access to Prime matchmaking, which prioritizes players based on their competitive ranking and hours played in Casual, Competitive and Demolition game modes. They also include access to Prime-only tournaments and weapon drops. Prime accounts must be purchased in addition to a standard account. Customers who don’t want these benefits can purchase a standard account at no additional cost.

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