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How to Choose Quality Garlic Wholesale Suppliers

It is important to understand how to buy garlic from a quality wholesale supplier who sells the best and freshest cloves at the lowest wholesale prices. Clove production involves several steps including planting, trimming, shearing and pressing of the cloves. A high quality supplier of fresh peeled garlic will provide all the raw materials necessary to produce the finest clove for sale.

First, take into consideration how to buy fresh peeled garlic wholesale suppliers. The price per pound varies from one brand to another depending on the size of the bulb as well as its age and weight. Most often, bulbs that are used in cooking are smaller than those used in making breads or desserts. If you are a cook, the bulbs used for making breads or deserts are smaller, while using garlic for sausage or meat loaves will result in a larger size bulb. If you prefer garlic in a salad or marinade, the cloves will be smaller in size.

Consider the Bulb Size

Second, consider the bulb size. Most cooks use a bulb size that ranges between one to three cloves depending on the amount of food to be cooked. However, you can experiment with different sizes if you have small appetites or are a vegetarian. Some customers even add chopped onions, bell pepper or other vegetables to their dishes to achieve different tastes.

Third, consider the quality of the garlic. There are various grades of garlic from the cheapest to the most expensive. While some companies use artificial techniques to grade their products, others use only the peel from the top of the garlic head while others grade it based on how it matures. Clothes stores and wholesale suppliers often sell bags of organic garlic, which can be purchased at a cheaper price.

Fourth, think about the quality of the clove after it is picked. Freshly picked bulbs are free from insects and pests and the best tasting garlic available. Unfortunately, some wholesale suppliers only sell bulbs that have been sitting for a few days which is often not the case if they are purchased in bulk. Bagged bulk onion bags can make excellent holiday presents as well.

Choose the Type of Bulb

Fifth, choose the type of bulb. Organic garlic is grown without chemicals and doesn’t usually require any processing or washing aside from using a light dusting to remove excess dirt. This means that garlic grown organically has much more flavor and greater value. Clusters are generally smaller than bulbs and offer a more intense flavor. Many people prefer the taste of garlic that is still attached to the clove rather than those that are attached and have lost their fragrance.

Sixth, don’t assume that because a business is located locally that their organic garlic wholesale suppliers can provide you with what you need. Not all of them are organic but most are not. When shopping online, you can be confident that the supplier you order from has the products you need. Also, if the site you are on does not deliver to your state, or does not deliver within a reasonable amount of time, find another vendor.

Seventh, make sure that you can receive your order and that the company also provides good customer service. You want to know that your supplier can deliver on time and you want to know that they won’t send you inferior merchandise. Be very wary of a company that can’t be contacted or respond to emails. There are many onion growing clubs that buy their bulk onion and garlic wholesale suppliers in bulk. With these types of clubs, the clubs’ memberships pay for the bulk buying. The buyers pay a monthly membership fee to support the club’s continued success and expansion of wholesale onion and garlic business.

China Garlic Export – Why Buy Garlic Abroad?

China has been one of the world’s fastest growth regions for garlic export. The world’s leading economic power has encouraged many of its residents to take up the garlic trade and with this, China has become the biggest exporter of garlic products in the world today. So if you too want to make money by selling your garlic products and want to use it as one of your means to earn money, then you must get hold of cheap supplies of Chinese garlic.

In the past, China was considered as one of the poor countries when it comes to exports. But with the recent economic boom in the country, most of the people had been able to improve their living standard. That is why more countries are now exploring the potentials of China as their garlic export market. And for this reason, China has been increasing the number of its garlic export facilities in order to meet the growing demand from other countries. In turn, China has been making more products with these facilities and is becoming a powerful player on the global garlic market.

If you too want to join the bandwagon and get your hands on high quality Chinese garlic products at wholesale prices, then the best place for you is through SaleHoo. This is an online directory which holds a list of all the wholesale China garlic suppliers around the world. Most of the wholesale China products are shipped from China to different parts of the world. With this, you can be assured that you will have a legitimate supplier to deal with.

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