How To Buy A Star?

The IAU frequently receives requests from individuals wishing to buy stars after others. Some companies claim to supply this form of service at a cost. However, these “names” are not official or officially correct. Similar “buying” names laws also refer to star clusters and galaxies. For entities within the solar system (see the theme ‘Astronomical Objects name’ of the IAU), specific mechanisms for allocating official names shall be applied.

Just visible stars

We only call stars visible from anywhere in the world all year round! If you don’t like the star we have named for you or in the rare event you’re not pleased with the service we provide, we will name a new star for you or refund the whole amount.

The Star Register

We have also formally collaborated with, the world’s leading star network, which continually tracks us for accuracy, reliability, and privacy. It is registered with the registry when you purchase a star so that you can get it any time from your iOS & Android app.

Fast treatment

Within 2-3 hours, we will name your star and submit your documents with our long experience. A registered name can be obtained from us. In urgent situations, we can also submit documents via email within 1 Hour.

Customer Service

Before and after your order, we will help you if you call us a star. You will receive your email at any time on our LiveChat 24/7 and you will get email within 1 Hour. We would be pleased to answer your questions about naming stars.

Star Classic

By selecting our traditional star offer, you can adopt a real star in the vacuum! Better still, the star you name can be seen anywhere on Earth at any time of year. Your star is still going to be with you!

In the naming of a twinkling distant sun, it would be an excellent choice to get a star out of a constellation. The constellations will still be remembered and found much more comfortable.

Binary Star

A binary star — or a double star — is the two-star system, severely bound by its common mass core. If you want to buy two stars and honor people with a specific bond, double stars are the perfect way to go. One of the most famous online star buying platforms is name a star Ireland.

The only map of the star

Remember the beautiful night when your heart raced, and you’d like the moment to last forever? You can now construct a customized star map, displaying the exact alignment of night stars.

Why don’t stars have real names instead of these boring numbers?

The goal is to facilitate their localization, description and debate to give a name or designation to a celestial object. Accurate coordinates (locations in the sky) that can be located by a number of the catalog provide accurate identification. Names are sufficient for small groups of well-known objects, such as planets and naked-eyed stars, but are not merely available in a million-star catalog. Hundreds of stars have named or scientific explanations (mythology, navigation, farming, timekeeping, etc.) for cultural purposes (variability, proximity, unusual properties, the exoplanet host star, etc.). The IAU approved several hundred proper names for stars via its WGSN Star Names Working Group, along with some exoplanet stars through the IAU Executive Committee on Public Names for Planets and Planetary Satellites.

In reality, what does it say?

IAU scholars, space agencies, authors of astronomical literacy, and others are known and used worldwide. Everyone should know precisely where a particular name is referred to when observing stars and planets or conducting or reporting on space missions. The names of the IAU are the names used. These are company rules under which technological properties, particularly in the solar system, can be asserted (where also treaties negotiated through the United Nations apply). The problem of “buying” rules in infinite spaces for entirely inaccessible curtain boards has been more pressing for Terrestrial lawmakers until anow because no text is skewed or mistaken, a clear and practical reality alone.


We hope this article has helped you in gaining knowledge on these online stars.

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