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How Much Does the Average Person Spend for Birthday Gifts?

Words might not do the trick as time goes by, but gift-giving is never going to be old-fashioned. This gesture will be timeless. It is an effective way to strengthen relationships at any level it might be in or whichever type it might be. Further, on certain occasions and milestones —birthdays, holidays, anniversaries— it is traditional and rightfully so. Because the very essence of gift-giving is to show your appreciation to a person you care about. If you find yourself looking for a way to save on your next gift for a friend, a family member, or a workmate, consider using potpourri coupons and buying from

If you are wondering why we give gifts on birthdays, the reason behind it starts at birth and continues throughout our lives. The celebration of a birthday once a year seems like a great way to give a loved one something they need as a way of celebrating the gift of life.

People do tend to purchase high-priced pieces for gifts. But how much you spend should be based on three things: your relationship, with age of the receiver, and your budget. A lot of thought instead of money should go into buying a present for it to be meaningful to the receiver. In the end, you should always be comfortable with what you are giving. 

Age and how close you are to the recipient play an important factor in giving birthday presents. You can spend a significantly lesser amount for a kid’s birthday within the range of $25 to $50, but teens would expect pricier gifts. For siblings, cousins, and friends, upwards of $25 should be fine. For parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles gifting money between $50 to $100 are customary to help them with purchasing groceries and medications. Lastly, for a significant other you are more likely to spend greater than a hundred bucks with bigger purchases. 

In the modern-day, gift-giving is almost required when attending a birthday party. However, some people would want us to donate to charity or a cause instead of bearing gifts. Gift-giving is a tradition to some families, and it is not only for birthdays but for all other gatherings as well— holidays, baptisms, bridal and baby showers, engagements, and several more. Basically, any excuse to celebrate an occasion.  

It is only natural to want to show appreciation to a beloved one in the form of a gift, particularly on their birthdays. But it is proven to get expensive quickly without setting limits or budgeting. While there is no fixed rule on how much to spend on presents, it is important to keep in mind that your thoughtfulness goes a long way than the price tag. If your budget is tight, it is thoughtful to send a card or send a simple greeting to the celebrator’s way. Even a simple recognition will surely make their birthday extra special. You can make a friend, your partner, or a family member happy without breaking the bank

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