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How Felicetti Law Firm attorney can help you with your car accident claim

If you have been injured in a car accident, then Felicetti Law Firm attorney can help you. They can help you in organizing and analyzing all the key records and evidence. A network of experts and investigators will help you in strengthening your case. In this article, we are going to talk about the advantage of working with Felicetti Law firm.

What will my lawyer do in case of a car accident?

The answer will ultimately depend on your car accident case. Your attorney can help you in communicating with the other driver’s insurer. They will help you in obtaining the necessary proofs and evidence. Felicetti Law Firm attorney will help you in organizing your medical bills and records. Some of the most important things that your attorney will do are:

1. Communicate with the insurer 

In case of a personal injury, your attorney will talk with the insurance adjuster of the other party involved. The adjuster is ultimately going to have the pocketbook. Thus, you should ensure that your lawyer has good communication skills. Felicetti law firm attorneys are experts in dealing with car accident cases. Thus, they have a good relationship with most adjuster.

2. Obtain evidence of liability 

Felicetti law firm lawyers will help you in obtaining all the evidence that you need for proving liability. Your lawyer will visit the site again and check it. You should take the photos of the accident scene as it will also act as proof. 

Your lawyer will ensure that you have all the police accident reports. They will also speak with the investigating officers.

3. Obtain evidence of damages 

This is where Felicetti law firm attorneys will shine. They will help you in obtaining all the documentation related to your injuries. It is difficult to get your hands on all the bills and records from different health care providers. Most healthcare providers don’t prioritize sending medical records to lawyers and patients. 

Small doctor’s offices won’t have enough time or staffing to respond to your requests. Large hospitals will have complicated procedures that you need to follow for getting your medical records. They might finally decide to respond to your request. However, sometimes they will provide incomplete records to you. Your lawyer will help you in requesting the same records again and again.

Doctors will generally won’t extent of the disability or injury of your medical records. If this happens, then your lawyer will ask the doctor for a special letter. Your doctor will give his or her opinion on the accident.

4. Negotiating with defendants or insurers 

Felicetti law firm attorneys are experts in negotiating with insurers or defendants. They will already know how much your case is worth. A good attorney will already know how to work your case. They will help you in conducting the negotiations with the client.


It is difficult to gather all the necessary documents and evidence on your own. Thus, you should consider working with the Felicetti law firm attorney. They will help you with your car accident claim. You don’t need to worry about gathering all the documents on your own. 

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