How data networks help businesses thrive in the digital era

5G networks have a huge range of benefits that help businesses thrive in the digital era. Increased bandwidth, higher capacity and lower latency are just some of the benefits of making the 5G switch, so let’s take a look at them in more depth below…

Increased speeds

Every 5G business data network creation has produced far greater speeds than that of 4G networks. 5G networks have a predicted speed of roughly 10 Gbps, which is an incredible 100x faster than its 4G predecessor. This is great for businesses who require ultra-fast speeds to handle all the tasks that come with daily operations: online meetings, making sales, fulfilling orders etc.

Your business won’t have to worry about being held back by the pitfalls of outdated technology when it makes the 5G switch, as these are some of the fastest speeds ever experienced with a data network.

Greater capacity

5G networks allow businesses to easily scale up their technological initiatives. Why? Because 5G will deliver roughly 1,000x more capacity than the old 4G network, producing the framework for Internet of Things (IoT) development. 5G and IoT were made to be together, and will enhance the way the internet is used in general.

New applications for use in business, towns, schools, universities, homes and more will flourish with this increased capacity, and this can only be good for businesses looking to capitalise on such a powerful network.

Reduced latency

Latency refers to the amount of time it takes for a signal to go from its original source to its receiver and then back to the source. One of the ultimate goals (and now benefits) of the 5G network is the reduced latency that comes with outdated 4G technology.
Industries including agriculture, logistics and manufacturing will all benefit from this lower latency, as they will be able to transfer messages and then have them returned at much quicker rates than with 4G networks.

Increased bandwidth

5G networks combine network capacity with increased speed for the potential to produce huge amounts of data to be transmitted that couldn’t possibly happen with the outdated 4G networks.

5G networks are produced in a different manner to their 4G predecessor, and this allows for smoother handling of usage spikes and greater optimisation of network traffic.

5G makes it so much easier to connect and stay connected with pace. For businesses, this can work across many departments, with the ability to receive more information from customers, teams and suppliers working alongside big data analytics to create powerful actionable knowledge.

Coverage is on the rise

5G network coverage is quickly growing across Australia. With this in mind, why would you want your business to stay lagging behind on the outdated 4G network or, for example, the NBN, which despite all the (endless, dragging) fuss, was deployed too slowly and is now actually far slower than that of the 5G network?

Your organisation can easily become connected to the 5G network and start operating at a much faster rate in no time!

It’s the future of business operations

Business operations are now a firm mix of human interaction and digital proceedings, so it’s important to be ahead of the competition with the best technology at your disposal. 5G networks provide this for businesses throughout Australia – ensure your organisation is ahead of the market and make the 5G switch!

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