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Don’t know how to use flow-chat? First of all, all you need to know is if that flowchart is a type of diagram that describes processes. What kind of process you might ask? Any type of process you can do using a flowchart. These diagrams compose of blocks that are connected by arrows. The block contains information on a single step in the process. The help in such a way that blocks help you to keep everything inflow. This is just the basics of flow-chat. Keep reading this article and you will understand how to use the flow-chat and meaning of each symbol. We will also touch upon the history of flow-chat.

About flow-chat solution

Let’s take a quick example so you will have a little of an idea. Let’s say you need have to write a flow-chat on cleaning your home. Now follow the step which says pick the item and then ask yourself does this item spark joy for me? If your answer is yes then you have one condition and if you don’t there is your second condition which you have to write on flow-chat. Then repeat the process until you have gone through every possible idea to clean the house.

Now lay down the process which you have in your mind and thing which are the thing you need to do first and so on. A reading flowchart is so easy that even if you are not at home and some reads this they would know what to do and what not. Since their invention, these chats are using in every field of area. Like document a process, present a solution, Brainstorm an idea, Design a system, explain a decision-making process, and in many cases store the information.

Let’s talk about the history of the flowchart. There is no fix to prove who was the inventor of flow chat but flow-chart was first introduced by Frank and Lillian in the year 1921. After 1930 Allan H Mogensen started using this flow chat in engineering and also started training people to use this chat. In 1947 ASME adopted the symbol and set derived from ASME standard Operation and Flow process chats. In the year 1949 flow chat began to be used as a computer program and become one of the most popular tools in designing computer algorithms and programs as well.

That is the history of the flowchart now let’s talk about the symbol and how to use it. Well in most cases you don’t have to worry too much about the standard or rules while making flow-chats. You can go as simple as you, then with just rectangular blocks and flow lines. There are tons of symbols which represent a different process in the flowchart like a square is used to represent the process in a flowchart. In the same way, there are different processes like terminal, decision, manual input, database, Delay, data, merge, documents and others.

Last words

Well, this is all you need to about flow-chat. Flow chat is help to keep everything in a flow especially if you are designing a flow chat at your work or home. Everyone can just read and know what to do and what not. Keep the site for more examples and steps to design the chat.

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