Do Chow chows shed hair? (Stop your excessive shedding of food)

Chow chows are an ancient tribe that has been a trusted and respected companion of Chinese elders for thousands of years. Their first name (Songshi-Quan) means “Fluffy Poodle”, and that’s the perfect way to describe them (well, except for their blue tongue!).

Yes, Chow chows do come off – a lot.

The Chow chows are a heavily shedding breed with two coat types: smooth and rough. Both have double coats that shed seasonally, however, the rough coat (the most common breed) requires more brushing to avoid mats, as his coat is thicker and longer.

How much did Chow chows drop?

The do chow chows shed are a heavily shedding breed. From this point of view, they shed about the same amount of fur as Akitas and Bernese Mountain Dogs, just not as large. In any case, shedding (even a lot) in dogs is normal. All that is happening is that your dog is losing his old fur to make way for his new fur. It’s just that some breeds shed more than others, depending on the individual breed and the type of coat they have. Chow chows have two coat types. The most common variety is the shaggy Chow chows, which has a fairly long, thick, fluffy coat. And the less common variety is the smooth coat, which has a shorter, smoother coat.

They shed profusely throughout the year and have soft, thick undercoats. As a result, they shed in large numbers several times a year, which is called seasonal shedding.  In the spring, they take off their winter coats, as they won’t be needed for the following summer. In the fall (fall), they take off their lighter summer coats in preparation for winter. So at these times of year, you’ll notice more shedding. There are other factors that can lead to excessive shedding beyond the normal range. For example, stress, allergies, and poor diet can all play a role in shedding. A good way to tell if hair loss is “beyond normal” is if the hair loss is patchy, sudden, and if their skin is red or inflamed. In any case, if you are concerned for any reason, please contact your local veterinarian.

How to stop your food from falling off excessively

The first thing I want to point out is that you can’t actually “stop” your Chow chows from coming off completely.  This has led some people to ask if you can shave your Chow chows. The answer is a resounding no; it’s not a good idea. It’ll save you some time and frustration, yes, but Chow needs their undercoat.  So, what is the solution? The best ways to keep excess fur from falling off the Chow chows and landing on furniture are brushing, bathing, and dieting.

1. Brush your teeth regularly

Daily brushing is the easiest and most effective way to control shedding. Not only does brushing remove loose fur from his coat before it sheds, but it helps stimulate and distribute his coat oil, which promotes a healthy coat that holds fur longer. Some people even find it helpful to brush their teeth multiple times a day during severe shedding, as this can make a huge difference when they blow their hair seasonally.

What kind of brush should you use? The best types of brushes to use for Chow chows are smooth brushes or pin brushes, and metal combs or depilatory combs for the undercoat. Smooth brushes consist of fine-line bristles (with rubber or plastic tips) that are slightly angled to make brushing easier and more effective. Pin brushes are basically the same, but the bristles are thicker and less tightly packed. These are suitable for outer coats as they easily remove loose fur, mats and debris that can easily get caught in the coat. And a metal comb or depilatory brush works well for shaggy undercoats. Check out our shedding brush reviews and buying guide to learn more about which brushes are best and why, and check out some of the best quality brushes on the market.

2. Maintain proper bathing habits

Washing your Chow chows can make a big difference in hair removal, especially when combined with a thorough brush (when their coat is too tight). You don’t want to bathe him too often, though, or use a cheap (or human) dog shampoo because this can dry out the skin and hair, which can actually increase shedding. Stick to a good quality dog ​​shampoo and bathe him no more than once or twice a month, preferably lukewarm water. Once he’s clean and tidy, wait for his coat to dry and give him a good brush. Some people like to use a hair dryer while brushing because it really helps remove a lot of loose fur from his coat.

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