Difference between MCB, MCCB, ELCB, RCCB, and RCD

After having a beautiful house, the primary thing which is required in a home is electricity. The installation of the entire electrical circuit is massive and sometimes cumbersome as well. After installation, we can also witness specific breakage in any particular part of the circuit due to various reasons. But during installation, do we bother about what type of system we are installing? The majority of the answers will be a NO! moving ahead if any breakage appears, we tend to either fix it by ourselves or by any unprofessional who doesn’t have that solid basic knowledge about what is installed.

Reasons for breakage in any circuit:

Whatever circuit system or distribution board is installed, there are specific reasons because of which the breakage in the circuit arises. The first reason is the short circuit, and the second one is overload which is once again a significant cause of circuit breakdown. So as the course of this content proceeds, we are going to elaborate a bit about short circuits and overload.

How and why is there often a short circuit in a board?

A short circuit is a condition where two or more wires get merged which are supplying electricity to their particular route. So if any other wire provides electricity to any unintended path that causes a short circuit, due to this whole process, a tremendous amount of electricity flows throughout the circuit which leads to breakage of the circuit and eventually a short circuit.

Is overload the second reason for disruption in the electricity board?

We all know that there are certain limits to everything in this universe, whether a living thing or a non-living thing. The same thing goes with the electricity board of the house as well. The different DBs are designed in a way to hold a certain level of electricity stress. In some households, stress goes above a level and eventually destroys the quality of appliances and wires in the boards as well. All of these sequences lead to overloading in the board resulting in “overloading”. 

We are now coming to a different electrical circuit breaker category.

We above mentioned some causes due to which an electrical circuit could be damaged. But when there occurs any damage, there must be a remedy to those damages as well. And treatments to those damages are different types of Distribution boards which we are going to talk about in the next section. Before heading towards some broad elaboration or defining them, the types which are MCB, MCCB, ELCB, RCCB, and RCD & their full forms

  • MCB: Miniature Circuit Breaker
  • RCD: Residual current device
  • MCCB: Moulded case circuit Breaker
  • ELCB: Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
  • RCCB: Residual Current Circuit Breaker

So all these distribution boards which we have mentioned are being installed in different places, and altogether they perform their part to secure and protect the entire circuit. 4- way Distribution boards, MCB distribution boards, and many other distribution boards can be easily found in Legrand (https://www.legrand.co.in) which is indeed the best destination to find all such distribution boards in one place as they are selling some of the best brands for 2020.

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