Buy Instagram Followers: The Ultimate Social Proof Your Brand Needs

In this post, we’ll be talking about the concept of social proof and the impact of Instagram followers on it.

But before we get into full details, I’d like to share with you the top two sites where I buy Instagram followers. Yes, I buy Instagram followers. And I get real humans as followers every time.

As we go deeper into the article, you’ll understand why you also need to buy followers on Instagram.

Top five sites to buy Instagram followers


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After Stormlikes, is another vendor I visit whenever I want to buy followers on Instagram. I enjoyed their service and will happily recommend it to anyone who asks.

Another good thing about is that while their offerings are quite similar to those of Stormlikes, they are a lot cheaper. So, if you’re operating on a budget, might be best for you.

Buy Instagram followers: The ultimate way to get social proof

Social proof is evidence that others find value in you and your offerings. Whether you’re an influencer, brand, or a regular individual, it is important that people see you as someone they can trust, rely on, and have dealings with. And that’s what social proofing helps you do.

In the internet world, there are so many ways people get social proof. Some of these include:

·        Reviews & Customer recommendations:

Review from customers and fans is an indication that people enjoy what you’re offering. In all cases, reviews and recommendations are the most sought-after type of social proof.

·        Case studies:

Social proof can also be obtained via case studies. A case study is an illustration of how your product or service has benefited others. For example, a brand looking for an influencer on Instagram will happily hire you if they see a case study of how you’ve helped a similar brand.

·        Affiliate promotions & celebrity social proof

It is no secret that some people exert great influence in their fields. Typically, these are content creators, influencers, celebrities, bloggers, and so on. When you manage to get these people to promote your product, it earns you some social proof in return.

For example, Neil Patel is a great name in the digital marketing industry. If you’re able to get someone of his stature to promote your product, you can bet that a lot of people will trust and buy your product just because of that.

That’s social proof at its very best.

·        User-generated content (UGC)

UGC, in simple terms, is when customers create content in celebration of a brand they’ve used and loved.

When hunting for social proof, UGC ranks as one of the best ways to find one. This is because people will rather trust the words of a regular customer (like them) than an advert copy from a brand.

·        Expert Recommendations

Google is a big name in the search marketing industry. If Google recommends a software or approves a tool, you can bet that millions of people will flock to download that tool.

That’s social proof at its very best.

You can get social proof by getting the big names or big brands to approve and recommend your products.

·        Certification

Social proof isn’t only about love from customers. It also revolves around trust. Being certified by the right body helps you acquire that trust. Certification is an indication that the right bodies approve your brand. And that helps you assuage any fears that prospects may have.

·        Social Media followers

Having plenty of social media followers, particularly Instagram followers, is the last and the most important social proof everybody needs.

You can get good testimonials from customers, get recommended by an expert, or manage to get a top celebrity to promote. If you don’t have plenty of followers on social media to back those up, you will struggle to convert all your leads.

Take it or leave it; some people do their homework before patronizing a brand. When an expert recommends a brand or a product, users will love to see what people are saying about that product/brand on social media – Instagram to begin with. If they arrive at your page and find a meager number of followers, rest assured that all that positive recommendations will go out the window.

To make other social proofing techniques work perfectly, you must have a decent amount of followers.

How to gain Instagram followers for social proofing

We’ve already established the importance of having many social media followers. Sadly, social media followers are hard to come by these days.

While you might be able to convince a celebrity for a brief shoutout or hire a top influencer for promotional content overnight, gathering a decent number of followers takes a long time.

This is why the top brands resort to buying Instagram followers. Instead of playing the waiting game, you can easily buy Instagram followers to boost your page. Another beautiful thing about this practice is that you can buy as many followers as you want.

So, depending on the size of your brand or the extent of your other social proof campaigns, you can buy the exact amount of followers you need to compliment your effort.

For instance, let’s say on your website you have a thousand reviews from a thousand customers. It would be contradictory to visit your page and find just 75 followers. In this case, the right amount of followers would be anything within the ±1k range.

Of course, the number of reviews on your site or the number of downloads you announce doesn’t have to tally with the number of followers you have on IG or Twitter. But logically, one would expect a brand that has sold a million copies to have nothing less than a thousand followers. You get the gist?

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