Benefits of Concrete Recycling

Benefits of Concrete Recycling

In a world where recycling is becoming a fashionable undertaking, reusing concrete continues to be ignored. This can be associated with the lack of information on whether the concrete can be recycled and brought back into the construction site as a useful material. However, if you are demolishing or remodeling your old storage unit, you don’t have to dispose of everything. You can reuse crushed recycled concrete when constructing your new storage facility as it offers the following benefits.

1. Recycled Concrete is Sustainable

Sustainability is the language of the game in the modern world. Several years ago, getting concrete and other construction materials was not an issue of concern. Natural resources were everywhere, and you could access them with ease. However, with construction expanding, there seems to be an acute shortage of construction materials. Therefore, you don’t have to dispose of your old concrete in the nearby landfill when you can recycle it for sustainability aspects and benefit the ecological system.

2. Recycled Concrete is Good for Environment

Disposing old concrete to landfills has a significant negative on the environment. Studies show that most landfills created when disposing concrete lead to water and soil contamination, which has severe impacts on the surrounding environment. Air is also highly polluted around landfills, which may have significant adverse effects on the community. As such, reusing concrete eliminates any aspect of soil, air, and water contamination. Recycled concrete has also been found to save more than 1,360 gallons of water every year, good for the environment.

3. Recycled Concrete is Cheap

If you are currently undertaking a construction project, saving money is an important aspect that you should consider. Crushed recycled concrete helps you reduce the amount of ballast and cement you will buy from the suppliers, thereby saving you huge sums of money. You already have the concrete in your facility, and therefore you will also be saving on the cost involved in the transportation of construction materials. A vast number of contractors have reduced construction costs by a considerable margin using recycled concrete, which is already available at the site.

4. Recycling Concrete Saves Time

Time is an essential factor that should be highly considered by those involved in various construction activities. Removing rubble from the construction site and preparing the area ready for work activities will delay the project. Sometimes you may be forced to hire a company to remove all the debris and other unwanted materials from the site, which is not only going to take much time but may incur unnecessary expenses. The best strategy is to incorporate the old concrete into the new construction hence saving time and money.

5. Multiple Application of Recycled Concrete

Sometimes you may not be willing to use the old debris and concrete in your new building, especially if you already have the necessary materials for a new construction project. That is not enough reason to dispose of the rubble in the landfills. There are very many new opportunities that you can always exploit or get some funds in return. For example, recycled concrete has proven useful in pipe bedding, exposed aggregate concrete, ready mix concrete, soil stabilization, road foundation, and landscaping activities.
As you can see, there are very many areas where crushed recycled concrete can be used in the conventional construction industry. Besides proving useful in the construction sector, it is evident that recycling concrete has significant benefits to the environment because it reduces air pollution and plays a critical role in eliminating water contamination. Therefore, you have unlimited ways to benefit from old construction debris instead of taking them into the landfills, where they will have devastating impacts.

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