Amazing Tips for DIY Pool Screen Repair

Got a shattered pool screen? One thing is for sure: it’s not possible to replace the screen on your own.

Rescreening necessitates the application of specialist knowledge and abilities. Simultaneously, understanding about the rescreening process will help you make smarter decisions when the time comes to complete the work.

However, with useful tips, you can do simple screen repairs by yourself. Here are some things you should know regarding rescreening a pool enclosure.

We’ll go over the tools you’ll need, the method, and precautions to take when repairing your pool screen.

It’s All About Having the Right Pool Screen

You may receive a wide range of rates when you request quotes for your pool enclosure. It’s always tempting to go for the cheapest option.

However, the difference in bids could be due to the screen quality being used rather than someone offering you a great deal.

Avoid cheap screens if you want to be sure your replacement screen is worth the time and work.

Polyester screens are more durable than fiberglass screens. Polyester screens come with a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer, but they typically last 20 years or longer.

When To Go for Screen Repair?

Pool enclosures are durable, but they aren’t invincible, and the materials will deteriorate over time.

Minor screen repair Jacksonville FL should be handled as soon as possible to preserve your pool cage in good working order and save you money in the long term.

These are just a few of the symptoms that your pool cage needs to be repaired:

Small rips and tears

With their claws and fangs, pets, squirrels, and other creatures can shred the screen mesh.

If you don’t repair these minor rips, they will get larger and more obvious. It also allows unwelcome insects and animals access to your patio enclosure!

The pool screen has been ripped from its frame

It’s uncommon to see pool screens ripped from the metal groove. The edges of a stretched-out screen will begin to break away from the frame, causing the screen to sag or bulge.

The aluminum structure that holds the screens in place may also be deteriorating. If this is happening in many locations of your screen enclosure, a full re-screen may be more cost-effective.

Paint chips

Do you have any loose or flaking paint? Pool cages, like your house, should be repainted every 5-10 years.

As a result, many people choose to have both paint jobs done at the same time.

Tools Needed for DIY Screen Repair

  • Precision Utility Knife
  • Pool Screen Roller
  • Screen Roller
  • Large Needle Nose Pliers
  • Pool Screen Thread Lining

DIY Procedure to Repair Pool Screen

The first step is to determine the degree of the damage to your pool screen. When you’ve found the damage, start eliminating the entire screen from the frame from there.

To begin removing the screen, remove the rubber screen thread from the pool cage crease with needle-nose pliers. As you remove the thread, gently pull down on the screen.

Once the screen has been removed fully, look for any stray threads stuck in the creases and remove them. The frame will now be ready for the new screen to be installed.

The next step is to establish the length and height of the new screen that will be utilized by measuring the area of the frame. Cut the required amount of screen from the new roll after measuring the measurements.

Place the screen on top of the frame and fasten it with the pool screen roller by pressing the thread across it. Make sure you use a scissor to clip any excess thread. Make sure the thread and the screen are both securely fastened.

Last but not least, cut any excess screen that hangs over the frame using the knife. Double-check that everything is in its proper spot, and you’ll have a flawless pool screen replacement job!

Working With Screen Enclosures Is Risky

Repairing a pool screen is usually a simple task. Repairing small rips and tears is simple, but replacing entire parts of your pool cage requires a significant financial expenditure.

Also, working high above the concrete, mounting large ladders, and moving around all of the hazards that surround your pool enclosure is risky work.

That is why it is advisable to hire professional screen repair services Jacksonville FL. Save yourself from the hassle and danger by entrusting the task to pros.

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