All You Need to Know About Safety Jogger Shoes Price in Kenya

A brief introduction to Safety Joggers

Cortina Group founded Safety jogger in 2001 by the Cortina Group, which has an extensive history spanning fifty years in the shoe-making industry. The Cortina group’s pedigree ensured that Safety Jogger was a leading safety shoe brand in the world within no time. 

Features of the Safety jogger shoes

The features that set apart Safety jogger shoes from the competition include but not limited to;

Steel and composite toe caps

Safety joggers offer their safety boots with either steel or composite toe caps. Toe caps prevent injury in case of impact with hazards. When choosing a safety boot, comfort and practicability will always play a huge role. Steel toe caps have been in use since the 1930s, and composite toe caps are gaining momentum because of their comfort and costs. 

Safety Jogger shoe soles 

Safety jogger shoes do not crumble after being used for some time. A chemical reaction attaches the Safety Jogger sole and the upper to form polyurethane. 

Polyurethane makes the shoe lightweight and improves shock absorption. 

Safety jogger shoes also have an increased resistance to hydrolysis. Hydrolysis is the deterioration of a polyurethane sole. 

Safety joggers are stylish for the ladies.

The women who are lucky enough to work outdoors can choose between the feminine safety joggers shoe collection that is beautifully made and functional. 

Safety joggers are electrical hazard rated.

Safety jiggers are isolating safety boots which means they have a secondary layer of protection from electrocution. They make the entire boot out of non-conductive material that prevents electrocution making the wearer isolated from the ground. 

Safety Joggers are certified safe.

The ASTM 2413 and the EN ISO 20345 are the primary certifications that matter for certifying safety boots. Safety joggers boots have achieved both these standards and more.


They make safety jogger boots for personnel protective equipment and hotel workers with an anti-slip material that ensures you can work in wet conditions without having a fear of slipping, falling, and having a nasty accident. 

Where to buy safety jogger shoes in Kenya and their prices

There are different suppliers of safety jogger shoes in Kenya. To get the original shoes, you need to confirm with the distributor list Safety Jogger offers. An original safety boot is essential in the workplace. When you buy authentic safety shoes, you will feel safer when at your workstation.

The prices for Safety Jogger shoes range from Kes. 4,200 for the Safety Jogger low cut shoe to Kes. 8,200 for the Safety Jogger X1100N safety boot S3. 


Safety Joggers have made a name for themselves in the past and currently. They have shown that they are a brand to be trusted by everyone in the industry. Their collection of different work boots makes the brand more attractive. 

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