Aircraft & Helicopter Portable Ground Power Units

A GPU (ground power unit) delivers some specific power to aircraft and helicopters by utilizing the standard electrical system, pack of batteries, diesel, gasoline, and even a small turbine engine. With the help of a GPU, ground support equipment has become smaller and more efficient over years. 

However, there are different types of GPUs available in the market, and you need to understand how they work before purchasing them. Read on to know more about different types of GPUs used in aircraft and helicopters.

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Direct Vs. Alternating Current Systems

It is essential to understand that the GPU you purchase should be completely compatible with the kind of your aircraft. In these units, DC is a direct current system that is used typically the one used in cars. Hence, a DC ground power unit of 12V or 24V is utilized in different aircraft, helicopters, smaller jets, and turboprop airplanes.

The other one is the AC system that is an alternating current, and it is just like the kind of electricity that runs in buildings and homes. These AC systems are designed for bigger business jets and commercial airlines, as well. 

Internal Combustion Vs. Electrical Rectifier

GPUs have the option to be powered with internal combustion engines or by the all-electrical frequency converters that are basically a convertor used for transforming the standard electrical power into the form of AC and DC.

The most portable ground power unit is the gas-powered unit. But in this case, you need to provide engine and fuel maintenance. On the other hand, when we talk about electrical ground power, they are a lot quieter and produce very little pollution as compared to the internal combustion units.

What To Avoid While Buying A GPU?

While thinking about purchasing a ground power unit, there are some mistakes that you need to avoid. Don’t just think of purchasing the low-costs or used GPUs as their maintenance cost can be a lot more than that of a new one.

Opting For A Used Model

If you plan for buying a low-cost used ground power unit, it will be a huge and costly mistake. Used GPUs can make you pay for their repairs as much as you can buy a new GPU at the same price.

Yes, it is true that ground power units need routine maintenance, and more often, you need to send them for repair and management. But, if you have any used GPU and it possesses any underlying issues, it will also cost you a huge amount as compared to the new GPU repair and maintenance. 

Over-Purchasing Or Under-Purchasing

Over-purchasing or under-purchasing the GPUs can be a big mistake you can do. If you own a small or medium-size aircraft and want to get a large ground power unit, you are wasting your money by over-purchasing and underutilizing the unit.

Similarly, if you buy a smaller GPU for a large aircraft, it is also a waste of money because it can’t be used in that aircraft.

Conclusive Remarks:

In the end, we can say that purchasing the right GPU for an aircraft or helicopter is quite essential. If you do not want to waste your money on buying the wrong ground power unit, it is necessary to have adequate knowledge about it. Also, avoid the mistakes mentioned above while getting your GPU. It will save your precious money and time, too. Last but not least, don’t forget to watch this video if you want to get the right GPU unit for your aircraft and helicopters!

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