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Advantages Of Using The Best Live Streaming Apps

Using Android applications to view movies, web series and other live streaming is a common practice these days. There are a number of applications available in the market. These applications have made our lives so easy and weekends so enjoyable. Among all the live streaming applications, Oreo TV and Thop TV are the ones with gaining popularity with phyllis fierro.

Advantages of Oreo TV

1. Best User Interface

One of the main advantages of using Oreo TV for pc is that it offers the best user interface for its users. It is so easy to navigate through TV shows and movies. The UI is so attractive that the users love to use this app. Because of its easy navigation controls and show sorting algorithm, it is one of the favorite streaming applications of many people.

2. Live sports match

You can watch IPL matches on Oreo TV. Not just IPL, you can watch all your favorite sports channel using Oreo TV. Sports fanatics have a special advantage as they can watch the live streaming of Cricket, Football, Basketball, Kabaddi, Hockey on Oreo TV, and that too for free.

 3. Regular updates

Oreo TV goes through updates quite regularly. The updates add new channels and movies to the TV. This feature is most important for any live television application as updating the application with newly released shows and motion pictures is necessary to keep the users satisfied.

4. Quality is amazing

Oreo TV is amazing as it offers excellent sound and image quality. The SD and HD channels can be played with this application without facing any problem. The video quality is amazing as long as you have a nice internet connection. Oreo TV for IPL offers the same advantages.

Advantages of Thop TV

1. No ads

The best part about using the Thop TV for pc application is that it does not show any advertisement. You can download the app using Thop TV APK 3.0. It is a common practice for most of the applications to show ads between the shows and hinder your enjoyment. But Thop TV does not let ads to come in the way of you and your enjoyment.

2. Easy download

The Thop TV app is very easy to download. You do not have to face any hassle in downloading the Thop TV apps for Android. Downloading movies and shows is also very easy on this application. Downloading your favorite shows is just a click away and you can watch them any time later.

3. Live viewing experience

You can view the live streaming of your favorite web series and tv shows on Thop TV for PC. This is a rare feature as it is not offered by all the applications. You can easily find the live streaming shows on the application as its user interface is very easy to use.

4. User friendly

This application is very easy to use. Everyone from any age group can use it easily without any confusion. The navigation is simple and hassle-free.

These are some of the advantages of using Oreo TV and Thop TV as your live streaming applications. If you are confused between choosing the right application for your television, go through this list of advantages compiled by us to get clarity of these apps. These apps are truly the best ones with great user experience.

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