6 Reasons to Professionally Pressure Wash Your Pool

It may seem like an easy job cleaning your pool, along with the pool deck, but if you really want your poolside washed adequately, you should always leave this to a professional pressure washing company. Thinking that a simple gardening hose will be enough to get rid of all the stains, dirt, and mud around your pool is a mistake that can make your pool look dirty and unsanitary. And there is nothing that can spoil a lovely summer like a pool you simply can’t use.

Why is a Pool Deck Hard to Clean?

Pool decks are usually made out of concrete, giving your poolside functionality and an appearance. But concrete is not as smooth as it seems. It usually has many pores and grooves, especially printed concrete with an intricate design.

Those holes and pores are a great hiding place for dirt and grime, but they are also where cracks and splits start. Other surfaces around your pool can be made out of tiles, and every surface requires a different cleaning method. These methods are familiar to a pressure washing professional who can adapt the cleaning method to the materials they find around your pool. Let’s examine why a professional pressure washing technician will do a better and safer job of cleaning the pool than any homeowner.

1. They Have Better Cleaning Solutions

The dirt that gathers on and in your concrete and stone is not just dirt. The caked mud, grime mixed with chemicals you use to clean your pool, and other organic dirt can be hard to clean with regular cleaners. Not to mention that using strong chemicals around your pool can make your pool obsolete and damage the pool’s material and pool deck.

Pressure washing professionals use specially made cleaning solutions that are environmentally friendly but still strong enough to dissolve any kind of dirt.

2. A Professional Knows How to Clean Different Stains

Your poolside area can contain many different stains, including sugary food stains, oil, and paint stains. Professionals know how to clean these stains, what solutions to use, and which stains need some scrubbing.

3. They Won’t Damage Your Pool Deck

If you decide to clean the concrete or patio around your pool yourself, you may risk doing an inadequate job or even damaging the material. For example, using a low-quality brush may leave your poolside a bit cleaner but still dirty and unsanitary. On the other hand, using a heavy-duty brush may cause damages to the concrete and your pool deck.

Professional pressure washing technician is trained to avoid this. They know the durability of each material and how they should treat it. Likewise, they know just how much pressure they need to use to clean your pool tiles and deck while avoiding making significant damages.

4. Professionals Will Make Your Wood Deck Last

Like with concrete and tiles, wood deck cleaning should be done with special care and attention. Wood is even more sensitive than harder materials, so special kinds of cleaning solutions should be used, as well as brushes and lower PSI during the pressure washing process. The only person who can clean your timber pool deck and not strip away the coating or leave streaks behind is a professional pressure washing technician.

5. Professionals Pay Attention to Safety

If you are cleaning your poolside by yourself, chances are you had to connect several extension cords to bring power to your pressure washing equipment. Having cables lying around in a wet area while you are adding more water is extremely dangerous, and you’ll need an adult to stand by your side and keep the cords out of water. Besides being trained in how to handle the equipment and do a good cleaning job, pressure washing professionals are also trained to take safety measures even before they start a cleaning project. By hiring a professional pressure washing service, you are putting yourselves out of harm’s way and leaving someone with actual experience to do the job in the safest way possible.

6. They Keep Off the Grass

You may think your lawn can handle any amount of water, but if you point a pressure washer towards the grass, you may end up digging out, taking huge chunks of it. That’s how much power a pressure washer can sometimes have. Not to mention all the chemicals and detergents that may clean your pool deck but contaminate your grass, causing it to wilt out. A pressure washing technician will make sure to protect your grass or use different detergents, one that will not harm your lawn if it gets washed away in it.

7. Professionals Know a Lot About Pushback

Once you start a pressure washer, you will most definitely feel just how much power pressurized water has. Sometimes the high pressure can cause a push back, causing you to lose balance and stagger back. The pushback is equally dangerous on the ground as it is if you are using a ladder. On the ground, you may end up hurting not only yourself but also someone standing close to you if you point a spray in their direction. If you are standing on the ladder and experience pushback, you could fall over and seriously injure yourself.

Pressure washing technicians are aware of the dangers of pushback and know how to commence the cleaning to avoid pushback. Having professionals pressure washing your property is definitely the safest way to make your pool and poolside shine again.

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