5 Pros and Cons Of Wireless Earphones

Every product comes with few cons and pros; you cannot expect a product to be prefect in all areas. There are always some cons that a product has. Similarly, in wireless earphones you will also find few cons but these cons depend upon your budget and the type of product you are purchasing. For example, if you are purchasing an expensive headphone, it will come with less cons than the product which is less expensive. Similarly, if you are purchasing a wireless earbud, It will have different cons than wireless headphone or wireless neckband. That’s why all the pros and cons that I would discuss in this blog post will not be same for your wireless earphone, earbud or headphone but I will try to write some common pros and cons that are almost in every wireless earphone.

5 Pros and cons of wireless headphones

  • Manufacturing

If you are purchasing a good wireless earphone, it will be very solid in terms of manufacturing quality and it will also be very light-weight and most of the wireless earphones are very comfortable because of their light-weight. But according to earphonehq website some wireless earphones are not very comfortable to wear for long hours such as earbuds because they are very small and they provide ear support with ear wings which can get little uncomfortable after long uses.

  • Sweat resistant

Most of the wireless earbuds and earphones are sweat resistant means they are resistant against few drops of water, they are not completely resistant in deep water or in rainfall but they are resistant to sweat and water splashes. But this depends upon your budget, if you have a good budget then you will get more IPX rating or more water resistant earphone. So before purchasing one, make sure you check whether its water resistant or not.

  • Tangle-free

If you are purchasing wireless earbuds, then you don’t have to worry about wires but if you are going to  buy wireless neckband then they come with over the neck wire. Which is tangle free and you can easily fold them in your pocket and they will not tangle but not every neckband is tangle-free, most of them have good tangle-free wires and most of them are not tangle free and again this depends upon your budget, if you have a high budget then you buy better quality earphone with good wires.

  • Charging

Most of the earbuds and earphone have good battery backup and they most of the them easily last up to a week especially earbuds because they come with charging case. The charging time is also very good in wireless earphones as some of the earbuds come with rapid charging. But if you are purchasing a wireless earphone with is not expensive then it may not have a good battery life and it can be annoying to charge them again and again.

  • Sound delay

You will mostly see this issue in earphones which are not expensive or those earphones which don’t belong to a good brand. If you are purchasing an earphone for gaming purpose or movies, you have to make sure that they don’t have high latency. So before going for wireless earphones make sure to check the latency issues.


These are the 5 pros and cons that you can remember whenever you wish to go for an wireless earphone. Every earphone has some merit and demerit and it all depends upon your budget, type and the brand of  the earphone


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