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5 Good Fire Safety Tools To Own If You Have Lots Of Land

Living on a large piece of land has its upsides, but there are a few downsides too. Fires are dangerous because you’ll live far away from the nearest fire station, plus you’ll probably have to put out small fires in surrounding forests yourself.

You will need a good collection of fire safety tools that benefit people living in the middle of nowhere. Let’s look at some cool ones you should pick up today. It’s worth doing everything possible to protect your property.

1. Extinguisher In Your Vehicle

If you see a fire while looking out the window, you must reach it straight away. It will help if you already have an extinguisher in your vehicle. Just make sure it’s strapped in securely to ensure it doesn’t explode.

Vehicle extinguisher brackets will keep the tool safe until you’re ready to use it. Don’t worry too much about the various styles. You should get away with any bracket as long as it fits inside your vehicle.

2. Small Fire Sprinkler System

You’ll need the right type of fire extinguisher to use during a fire but look into small fire sprinkler systems too. It won’t be difficult to hook one up to your home, especially if you’re good at DIY projects.

You won’t even need to touch the extinguisher if the fire is extinguished instantly. It’s also perfect when you’re outside because you might be far away from home. You want a system that can protect your home while you’re gone.

3. Keep A Fire Hose On The Deck

It’s not just firefighters who get to tackle fires with a hose. If you hook one up to your house, you’ll be able to use it when flames break out. It should be long enough to let you walk around your entire home.

You can put out small fires in the woods close to home. If you’re not a trained firefighter, don’t tackle anything too big because you could get hurt. It’s not worth risking your life for a few possessions.

4. Store Flamezorb In The Garage

Flamezorb is a little like sand, except it works a hundred times better at putting out fires. Once you throw it onto the flames, it will cut off the fire’s supply of oxygen. A fire can’t stay alive without oxygen.

Make sure you have a large bucket sitting next to your bags of Flamezorb. Throw some into the bucket during an emergency, and you’ll reach the fire fast.

5. Leave Fire Blankets Everywhere

Fire blankets should be kept in the kitchen because they’ll help you put out cooking fires in seconds. You can throw one into your glove box in case you run into a fire while driving around your land.

Do you build bonfires in your garden? If so, keep a blanket within walking distance of your fire pit. You can throw it on top if anything goes wrong. It’s the best way to drown small fires before they get too big.

Start Preparing For Emergencies

The last few years have shown us it’s never too early to get prepared for an emergency. The fire safety tools we’ve touched on today will be useful during a disaster.

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