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Your Guide to Assembling a Flawless Broken Suit

Men’s suits, usually, come in matching trousers and blazers. You, therefore, have to put your mind only on the color and fit. But, if you want to add pizzazz to your look, then a broken suit is your solution. 

The Australian online men’s clothing industry is pegged at $791 million and is only growing. With retailers offering many viable options online, you can save both time and money. However, pairing different types is an art that a few can master. So, when you are in the market for a new suit, this is how you can match separates.

Pay Attention to Colour

Even when pairing separates, a certain level of consistency is required. You can’t pair a bright-colored blazer with dark-colored trousers. They don’t need to be the same colour, but the tone should be similar. The simplest way of doing this is sticking to a single color family. 

So, if you are going blue, pick varying shades of blue for both garments. A darker color would typically be appropriate for the blazer and lighter for trousers, but you can mix it up. 

If you want two separate colours, you should consider picking the same tones, such as pairing bright colors with bright colors, and dark with dark. For example, if you are in for a burgundy blazer, go for beige trousers. Both colours are muted and pair up nicely.

Seasonal Affect

Seasonal clothing needs to be complementary, not contrasting. It means that a winter jacket cannot be paired with chinos. Here, you can wear dark-coloured Khaki pants for a balanced look that adapts to diverse contexts. 

You will also need socks to achieve a classic winter look. When going for a summer look, you can skip the socks and go for a lighter jacket and chinos. 

Casual vs. Formal

Depending on the occasion, your suit pairings can vary. You can pair a single blazer; let’s stick to the above burgundy blazer, with a pair of slim fit beige formal pants, or a pair of blue stone-washed jeans, or cargo pants. 

The former is ideal for formal settings and the latter for an evening out with friends. As you can see, men’s suits can be paired in different combinations to achieve varying results. 

The Fit

As you know, blazers and trousers come in varying fits, from comfort to slim fits. The biggest blunder when pairing separates is to use two fits at one time. Make sure that you stick to one look. So, if you are wearing slim-fit pants, then your blazer should also be a slim-fit. 

Pick Simple Patterns

With so many textures and patterns, why go plain. That said, a word of caution, let only one garment have patterns while the other remains plain. Otherwise, you will end up overdoing it. 

If you are wearing solid navy blue pants, pick a blazer that has a pattern with a similar colour. The blue colour will unify the look even while the jacket is a different colour. 

Assembling a broken suit is an art that requires careful consideration of all the above. Men’s suits come in so many styles and colours that you are spoiled for choice. You can create an effortless look while making the most of your wardrobe. 

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