X Ways To Make Money With Crypto

Nowadays, everyone prefers to make online payments. Everything is going paperless, from investment to money transfer. You can discover the latest addition to the digital payment sector- cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange that is present digitally or virtually. This digital currency utilizes cryptography to secure transactions. Also, it does not have a regulating authority like a bank. Cryptocurrencies use a decentralized system to register transactions and publish new units. People can send and receive payments through cryptocurrencies anywhere. The transactions of this digital asset happen on a public ledger called a blockchain. People can store cryptocurrencies in digital wallets. There is security in using cryptocurrencies as they are present on blockchain networks.

No one can modify or destroy them. We got the first cryptocurrency named Bitcoin in 2009. Also, other cryptocurrencies are Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Tether, Binance Coin, etc. Nowadays, many e-commerce sites accept cryptocurrencies as payment. People can buy luxury goods, cars, insurance, and more. You can also purchase a cryptographic asset like NFTs through cryptocurrency. Nowadays, people are making money by playing crypto games. In this article, you can check ways to make money with these games:

Play-To-Earn Games

Now, people can discover video games that use blockchain technology. These games provide cryptocurrency as rewards to the players. Many play-to-earn games provide in-game cryptocurrencies that have real-world value. Also, players earn valuable NFTs by playing these games. Many people are making a living through play-to-earn games. Also, you can turn your in-game items like characters, skins, weapons, and more into valuable NFTs. People also sell these gaming NFTs for real money. You can also use in-game cryptocurrencies to create more NFTs. Earlier, plenty of gamers couldn’t make more money by investing their time in video games. They cant sell their in-game items for real money. Now, many players are earning cryptocurrency and NFTs through play-to-earn games. 

These in-game assets are present on the blockchain network. It means your in-game crypto assets will stay safe on the blockchain. Also, no one can make any change or destroy them. Also, there is a record of ownership of these crypto-assets on the blockchain. There is a famous blockchain game named Axie Infinity. They give rewards to the players for investing their time in the game. You have to complete missions and participate in battles. Also, they have their in-game currencies like AXS and SLP. Players also earn valuable NFTs through this game.

Ways To Make Money With Play-To-Earn Games

Below, we have mentioned different ways to earn money through crypto games:

  1. Selling or Trading 

People can sell or trade their in-game crypto assets for real money. Many PTE games provide an in-game currency that you can convert into fiat currency. Also, you can sell the valuable NFTs earned through play-to-earn games. Many games allow the players to get the character NFTs and they have great demand among people. So, it is best to turn your in-game items like characters, weapons, and skins into NFTs. 

Players will get benefits from their in-game items by selling them as NFTs. You can sell gaming cryptocurrencies and NFTs on various marketplaces. For example, Axie Infinity provides players Smooth Love Potion currencies holding real money value. Also, players can earn valuable NFTs and sell them to get profits. So, trade or sell your crypto assets gained through play-to-earn games.

  1. Staking or Lending 

Players can also involve in yield farming of their in-game assets like NFTs. Nowadays, many gamers stake their gaming cryptocurrencies and NFTs with various platforms. You can earn rewards by betting on these digital assets. Also, you can become a lender of your in-game crypto assets. You can give your NFTs on rent to low-level players. They can earn more prizes through play-to-earn games. Also, you will earn interest or fees on your in-game crypto assets. Lending or staking of the NFTs happens safely through smart contracts. 

Also, many blockchain games have in-built options for renting and staking. Players do not need to depend only on the selling of crypto assets. You can also involve in NFT yield farming in the gaming sector. Players can become a part of the NFT yield farming ecosystem through platforms like 99Starz. You can buy their STZ token to rent NFTs.  

  1. Joining Gaming Guilds 

Players can also join gaming guilds to earn more rewards from play-to-earn games. These gaming guilds have experts that help new players to learn many things. They provide new players with the resources to start the PTE game. You can play with the guild and share the rewards. People can earn rewards in the form of NFTs and gaming cryptocurrencies. 

Gaming guilds provide more opportunities to the players to earn more rewards with the play-to-earn games. New players can earn profits with their prizes by selling, staking, or lending them. If you are an expert on a PTE game, you can also become a professional member of a gaming guild. You will get the profit by helping other players with PTE games. 

  1. Live Streaming

Players can also do live streaming of the play-to-earn games. In this traditional way, you can earn income apart from crypto assets. If you have an excellent fan following on live streaming platforms, you can make money in various ways. You can accept payments from your followers. Also, your followers can learn many things about PTE games by watching your live streaming. 

  1. Tournaments

You can also participate in various tournaments of the play-to-earn games. Players earn special rewards after winning in these tournaments. Also, players need a good level of skills to win in these games. 


People must invest in cryptocurrencies as they have a lot of value. Play-to-earn game is a new way to make money through cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Now, players can trade or sell their in-game items and earn real money. Also, you can stake or lend your in-game crypto assets to generate more income.

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